Lake District: L’Enclume

Let’s kick this food blog off with my best ever experience at L’Enclume; the service, food and environment.

You may know this Michelin star restaurant from Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s famous TV Series – The Trip, where they visited this stunning medieval village – Cartmel, based in the Lake District.

Notorious for it’s “roller coaster of food heaven”, I’ve uploaded a picture of the menu to give you a snapshot of the 17 course meal that was presented to myself and my boyfriend – who’s dream was to always visit this extraordinary place.

A must do at a special point in your life!


The duck breast below was my personal favourite – both taste & presentation – culinary art at its finest 👌IMG_1636

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this next dish but still found it exciting & aesthetically pleasing, with the sweet white snow effect sprinkled on top of the course.

Beetroot fans would LOVE this next one…  And here’s my second best dish of them all – the Sea asters & mussels with a cream sauce 💕

In the Lake District much more central to the famous Lake Windermere, lies the quirky and quaint cafe which is a MUST for an afternoon slice of cake and cup of tea – Giggling Goose.

And a stop off just coming out of the Lake District for an Autumn glass of wine outside, visit The Swan;

Fantastic wine and great pub food!   

So there’s your itinery for the next time you’re on the look out for a fabulous meal to celebrate a special point in your life ❤️ So much love for L’Enclume.

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