The Wonders of Venice

One of the most romantic places on Earth, here are my top recommendations for the city that is situated on water:

1. Da Ivo – A truly luxurious place to eat for authentic (but expensive!) Italian food. The Tortellini was unforgettable – the pasta so finely made with a burst of exotic cheeses after sharing a crispy crab starter.

A glass of red went down a treat with the Tiramisu for dessert – through the window overlooked the Venice river behind; up on the walls were photographs of all the famous people who had eaten at the restaurant; e.g. George Clooney, Robbie Williams, Sting… Who do we think we are?!! Going to places where these people go to!!

2. Caffe Florian – Although a “tourist avoid” place due to the extortionate prices they charge for simply sitting outside, it is a stunning place to sit in the middle of San Marco square and listen to live music with a cocktail and biscuit – soak up the environment and don’t think about your bank statement.


3. The Chocolatier of Venice – More of a “pudding to walk with” kind of place. This had a never-ending selection of mouth watering chocolate bites…


Tip – Get lost when you come to Venice and you are bound to come across the most fantastic places;

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