Borough Market


Starting off my journey around one of London’s most renowned food markets, here are some fantastic Cheese stalls you must visit:

Caerphilly was personally my favourite – stop by and try out the very moreish white cheeses if you enjoy a slightly lighter styled cheese.

As a break from what it seemed all the cheese tasters in the world, I thought it would be wise to be healthy and move on to some fresh fruit samples as seen below:

Each corner you go there seems to be an even more appetizing and quirky alley to walk down. #Tea2You

Once the sample tasting finished, I was in the mood for something a little more filling so we parked ourselves at Cafe Brood for some fabulous Paella & Sauvignon;

The standard paella (£5.90) is pretty substantial but you can also add crevette prawns (£9.95) or chorizo (£7.50) if you’re feeling slightly peckish.

A great place to stop on a Friday lunch break or Saturday morning!

*Refer to my full blog post on London Luxuries for more recommendations on where to eat out in London.

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