Oslo, Norway

A quick trip away last weekend led to some expensive Norwegian nibbles.

As Seafood’s a speciality here, and we got too hungry to look around past the second street of searching, we thought we would try some Mussels at Mona Lisa Restaurant.


Little did we know, this was a tourist trap…

The Mussels were admittedly average, HOWEVER, a chicken dish was ordered and served pink in the middle. As this was inedible, and the food came out in minutes, we knew this place was off to a bad start.

Although nothing an Espresso Martini couldn’t sort out;


FYI, a standard House Wine at this restaurant starts at £50, so people just don’t drink out.

The day/evening continued on to Hard Rock Cafe – we didn’t want to enjoy a Cafe we could visit in England as we wanted to soak up the Norwegian culture through bars and restaurants, but this was honestly the highlight of our break away!

Outstanding service and they made the Oreo Cheesecake and Hot Fudge Sundae pudding extra large for us 🙂

Not to mention the Watermelon cocktails which we will never forget!


The next morning we sampled a fantastic breakfast at this place called Espresso House which overlooked the Oslo Harbour and Fford.

Croissants with ham and cheese; Bagels with mozzarella and parma ham; Chai Latte and Banana Muffins with almonds…Mmf!


A great end to a great weekend in beautiful Norway.


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