Dubai Dining


Eating out in Dubai is a phenomenal experience – let alone being reunited with your best chums from when we first met at Manchester Uni… 6 years after my last visit to see them – they really knew where to take us this time!

Let’s kick this post off with my favourite restaurant we visited last week;

  1. The Hide – Al Qasr Hotel, Madinat Jumeriah: img_8088The tenderloin Steak (medium rare ofcourse) was one of the best Steaks I’ve ever had! Part of the reason being we chose to accompany it with 3 side orders, which consisted of Potato Gratin, Jacket potatoes cooked in Duck fat, and Duck flavoured fries. Not so appetizing when all mushed on one plate – but it just had to be done!

2. Smiling BKK – Thai:

This place was one of the quirkiest Thai restaurants I have ever been to. The battered prawn starter was very good, and the Red Thai Duck curry even better!

Here’s an insight into the gimmicky place with the Mona Lisa themed menu below;


And cut-outs from famous celebrities were positioned behind each seat; we weren’t allowed to sit in front of Austin Powers, so we settled for Marilyn 😉

To order our food we had to shoot from a pistol – not loaded ofcourse…

3. La Ola – Lunch time hits on Jumeirah Beach so thought I’d settle for a chargrilled Chicken salad with blue cheese wonton parcels. Not the best salad I’ve ever had but does the job and the restaurant has a rooftop terrace you can sit up on which overlooks the beach.

4. Crab Tavern – Yet another night dining out and we came across this fantastic restaurant which had great deals for “ladies night” – free drinks with great food.img_8099I stuck with a Seafood dish seeing as this was a specialty at the “Crab Tavern”and went for a Seafood spicy curry – yum!
Here’s a snapshot of my friend’s black squid-ink spaghetti – again, went down a treat.  5. Serafina (Souk Al Bahar) – Speaking of Seafood, our friends booked us into this fabulous outdoor restaurant whereby all 4 of us girls went for the Lobster Spaghetti dish. Everything about this meal was satisfying – the flavors mixed well and both the Spaghetti and Lobster were cooked perfectly.Not to mention the setting to my right…img_7933

6. The Farm, Al Barari- BEST PLACE FOR BREAKFAST!! We were driven out from the centre to this incredible, idyllic spa place which had the most amazing food menu and setting. It’s so tech we even had an Ipad each to order our meal.

Smoked Salmon with wasabi cream cheese bagel obviously had to be tried, washed down with an Apple and Watermelon freshly squeezed juice;  We took a little walk around the grounds and were stunned by every element each corner we turned…
7. Enter the night time, we took a little trip up to the TreeHouse Rooftop Bar for cocktail o’clock 😉

A passion fruit rum based cocktail and Ginger mohitos – highly recommend this place with the beautiful landscape of Dubai surrounding us.

8. Jebel Ali Golf Resort Restaurant – Now we’re not really salad eaters, but when it’s 30 degrees outside it seems to be the way forward on holiday! And boy did this salad make me less snooty about low carb dishes – it was a delicious Feta cheese and fig salad with a stunning dressing which gave it that extra kick.

9. Eric Kayser – Again, another great place for sampling Spicy Steak Salads – very filling and a nice quick place to stop off at if shopping around Dubai Mall.   img_7944

10. Now let’s throw a cheeky Carluccio’s in from the airport:

Tasty Charcuterie board accompanied by a perfect bottle of White Vino!img_8149

Aside from being spoilt by the luxurious country you cannot visit Dubai without experiencing true Arabic food in the Saharan desert…


A great way to soak up the culture and experience the food after a long day riding on camels and sand dune bashing in 4by4’s.

Oh Dubai – simply an amazing selection of food and endless restaurants to visit inspired from all around the world!


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