Peruvian Restaurants

South America 🍷👌

From trekking 33km and up to 4800 metres through the mountains of Peru, I came across some phenomenal restaurants before, during and after the hike which served the experience of tasting true Peruvian food.

Let’s start with acclimatising around the food joints of CUSCO :

1. Modelo – a great find in Cusco city square thanks to trip advisor’s high ratings.

My family and I were greeted with a cocktail in the South American styled lounge before being seated.

The outstanding service commenced and out came the first order – Spaghetti with mushroom balls in a local huancaina-coloured sauce – delicious!

I then tried a sample of my friend’s dish which was the most expensive option on the menu at 65 “sol” – Lamb  on the bone & pasta;

Pork belly & rice is another popular choice I found across a few of the restaurants.

And here’s the traditional Peruvian dish – Aji de gallina (chicken satay with rice) – an option I found myself repetitively ordering…

2. Parwa: Starting off the trek through the mountains we came across this unique place which felt like the middle of nowhere, and it had the most beautiful panoramic views.

Below is one large scoop of the main Chicken couscous dish; Each pudding is served with a tiny cake to compliment the strong cherry flavors.

3. Aguaymanto restaurant: This restaurant was a perfect lunch stop in Cusco, as recommended by the G-Adventures tour guide.TripAdvisor knows best…Again – sticking to the traditional dish but presented differently, I went with the Aji de gallina ;And ofcourse – ALPACA;
4. Cusco Market:

A thriving and hectic environment at these markets which offered pretty much everything you can think of; from Cheeses, to pig, to flowers…

The fruit was so fresh – best pomelo I’ve ever had!


5. Hot Springs 2 & Dinner near the trainline:

Once entering the great city of Machu Picchu, it was time to branch out to trying out the beef dishes at the Hot Springs for lunch;

Guess what this one is…Aside from all of the “safe choice” meals, my aim of the trip was to try out some Guinea pig – a specialty in this country;After all of the raving about this particular meat, I shamelessly had to forget about my first pet as a child and admit how delicious this actually was – a cross between Chicken and Duck is how I’d best describe it.


The next evening not too far from the restaurant above, I thought I’d go back to “safe “menu choices and go for the chicken and prawn stir fry with Havana sauce;Each dish out here comes with rice and potato – as you can probably tell by now, a carb overload left me very happy!


6. Pisco Sours

A little closer to “normality” in Lima we were back to sea level and thought it was a great opportunity to test out some local alcohol – PISCO SOURS.


7. Alfresco (Boat Restaurant) – Next door to where we tried out our first pisco sours, I thought it was time to line the stomach and go for a mixed Seafood platter.

Then shared Sushimi…MORE SUSHI!!

All main dishes were presented exceptionally well;

And as you can tell from my constant positive tone, the service from the Peruvian waiters was great yet again, which always adds to the overall vibe of a place.

I highly advise you to check this restaurant out if ever in Lima!
8. Lunch at Punto Azul;

I found this restaurant the proud owner of what I found to be the best food across the whole of my South American travels. My first time trying black ink squid pasta and I can tell I will never look back! 🙂The quirky interior also added to the unique feel of the restaurant.

9. Drinks in Ollantaytambo square;

One more to fit in for a nice end to my trip; a local beer and patisserie goes down a treat in my favourite village we came across – Ollantaytambo.

All in all, the culture, people, and ofcourse Peruvian food were the central contributing factors to my experience of visiting one of the top Wonders of the World.

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