The Old Sessions

I love the names of these fantastic restaurants in Knutsford – they make a stand alone title for these posts!

Seriously great home cooked food and atmosphere here; lets just dig in to the sharers on the menu known as “planks” – I feel there should be some kind of witty pun here?

If you’re a cheese lover as you can tell by now that I am, “The Sunny” plank has got to be tried. Along with the standard “House Plank” which is for more of an all round taster…


Moving on to mains and the Fish & Chips were a must-have at this portion size;


Followed closely by the Rib eye steak served medium rare with peppercorn sauce and a breaded tomato ; img_0713

Favourite dish? It’s a cross between the above and my boyfriend’s dish – the Seabass Fillet Tandoori…img_0714

I’m that obsessed when I find a great restaurant nearby that I went back the following night and tried out the Asparagus & mango salad for starter finished with the chicken enchiladas – very cheesy and delicious like a lasagne!

Keep an eye out on the “Cheshire” category of #mooreeatsout if you’re in this Shire and searching for places to eat out 😍🍷🍽

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