Albert Schloss

A fabulous recent discovery at Albert Schloss; a seriously cool dining experience in a large Bavarian-style beer cellar 👌🍻

On arrival, I sat by the window and was greeted with a fantastic menu leaving me spoiled for choice. To keep with the culture of the night, I started with a big pretzel & extra cheese sauce – delicious!

As the night went on, there was talk of live music to look forward to, various beers were trialled and it was time for a good old sausage;

And more sausage… aka – The Classic Burtwurst 😊

I recommend for each main course to be accompanied with side dishes – I.e. The classic cheeseburger with a side of Parmesan “Schloss fries” and cheese and mash. You know, just to keep up with tradition…

For me, a cheese overload doesn’t exist. So we ordered more 🧀🧀🧀
Some people may say it’s a little noisy in this place – but what beer halls have you ever been in were quiet?!

And finally for the best button of them all…

Not only was the food fantastic, the decor and quirky add-ons made the experience that more special; there’s a funky photo booth downstairs where props are provided to take your fun snaps – a great incentive to the place.

Thoroughly suggest booking a table for a big bunch of your closest mates and ordering a majority of the menu to try out as much as you can 👍

Albert Schloss – until next time ;)✌️

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