I must say I’ve always been eager to try this restaurant as I find it a main attraction on Knutsford high street. When strolling up and down the endless options of where to dine out, there’s something about the baby blue branding and the smell of the Italian home-cooked food and chic style which makes my heart go boom!

So finally a Saturday night, and I had to book the outside terrace to show off the town to my fam.

The sun came out and the starters were ordered. I do admit, Italian menus can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed with the Fish dishes in one section, main meats in another, starters in between – it’s hard to know what’s for what course!

So I panicked and went for seared scallops as a comfortable backup I knew wouldn’t disappoint; and if you’re wondering if they were good, the picture below explains it all…

Another panic order left me with the veg & avocado salad which was refreshing and delicious.And ofcourse someone had to order the OYSTERS!Followed by the prawns on toast drenched in olive oil – very Italian styled just how they should be 😉
Now for the best bit – the fabulous Italian styled pasta dishes for main which I seriously pine for throughout my life (not even exaggerating – Spaghetti is everything).

Very pleased with the portion sizes also – half native lobster with chilli, tomato and basil linguine! Mmf. That awkward moment the waitress is looking shocked you’re not saying stop to the Parmesan invite…And finally great feedback again on the duck – my favourite meat which never fails!

On my return I will make sure to save room for the Chocolate Fondant pudding – one to eye up on the incredible pudding selection at the fabulous chain of Piccolinos.

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