Aroi Thai

Happy weekend foodies!

Here’s a latest read on one of many Thai restaurants I’ve visited lately – Aroi Thai situated in the heart of Nantwich.

I look forward to writing about authentic food in this blog as Thai cuisine is my fave!

So Saturday night was here again and it was time to tuck into starters with my best friend who loves food the way I do.

Aroi Thai Mixed Platter

I recommend this platter if you’re feeling hungry and fancy a little bit of everything.

This “mixed dish” consisted of Chicken Satay, pork ribs in BBQ sauce, battered & seeded King Prawns, vegetable spring rolls, and chicken and prawn sesame toasties served with spicy sauces.

We’ve visited this place quite a lot over the years since it opened in 2008, and what I love about this menu is that it never changes so you know exactly what you’re going to get.

The fun continued and we had a couple of Singha beers which I personally found accentuated the flavours exceptionally well.

Thai starters are the main element in a course I look forward to the most – both for taste and appearance. However, I felt torn between my love for the platter and my love for the main course on this occasion.

Chicken Pad Se Ew is where my heart lies and I feel this always has to be ordered when visiting a Thai restaurant – either as a side dish, or a bigger portion as your main. I find the simplicity of the ingredients in these noodles make them very moreish, especially with the subtle fried egg bits layered through the flat tasty noodles.

On the bottom right dish in the image above is Aroi Thai’s special Duck dish in Tamarind sauce, which is delicious and quite sweet. Some people may find this TOO sweet to have with sweet rice so could order a boiled rice, but I like to order a Coconut Rice to accompany the Duck – EVERY TIME.


Both very satisfied and very full!

So visit Aroi Thai if you’re in the area and fancy a great portion size, fantastic service and true Authentic Thai Food.

Oh, and the one from Shrewsbury’s not bad either – from one Shire to the next…

Best Thai chain ever!!

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