Chime, Hartford

Where to go with the girls from work in Cheshire? We found it was time to celebrate our very much belated Christmas dinner and treat ourselves to some decent hearty food. 

We came across Chime after several recommendations from foodie fans around the area, so we just had to try this place out first, especially as the location was conveniently based near our office.

Straight away I thought it was a good sign when the place was fully booked on a Friday, as we only JUST got a table for 3.

As soon as we arrived, I knew it was my kind of place. Cosy interior with exposed brick work in a rustic yet modern setting; a great environment for either lunch in the day or an evening dinner & cocktails, (my first thought when looking over at the stylish bar.)

The interior was definitely unique & ‘edgy’ which I found really set it apart from the standard country pub in this area, near Northwich.

3 hungry ladies later and our Veggie Pizza (large), Crispy Chilli Beef Noodles & Chicken with Bacon salad were all served…

The Veggie pizza was cooked on an open wood fire hence the slight burnt crust around the edge, which still tasted how every pizza should be! My friend went for the ‘personalised’ option and made up her own toppings which consisted of wild mushroom, caramelised red onion, & a whole lot of cheese – a meat-free dream for all the veggies out there👌

On to my main dish – (personally the star of the show) – the Cripsy Chilli Beef Noodles which came with stir-fried vegetables. It has got to be said that I have actually now found a British restaurant that serves this authentic dish better than a proper Chinese restaurant itself – and that’s saying a lot!

Again, the Chicken & Bacon salad (large) didn’t fail to impress; drizzled in a honey mustard glaze,mixed house salad & balsamic dressing. My other friend found this extremely tasty and substantial but I was still feeling too smug with my choice to be getting any ‘food envy’…

And here’s an insight into the variety of food served from the Chime Classics menu:


“Food to put a smile on your face.”

When in doubt where to go for the perfect work lunch, I’m pleased to announce we’ve now found our new Friday local, Chime  😍

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