Siena, Italy

Oh Siena – a wonderfully quaint, historical & fascinating city in Tuscany which I recently visited just in time for Valentines weekend ❤️

Introducing the most fabulous local Italian – Osteria La Taverna Di San Giuseppe:

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest & most helpful waiter, who managed to squeeze just the two of us in last minute. And it just so happened to be the best area of the restaurant, which felt like our own private dining experience…

And so the menus came out, and the food was close to being served! 

For starters, we had a mixture of Bruschetta topped with classic fresh tomato, garlic & Basel, one with courgette drizzled in olive oil, and one spinach & local cheese filling which was personally my fave 👌

On to the main dish which as you can tell from below, was so delicious I didn’t even  have time to take a decent photograph when it wasn’t half eaten… Rare Beef cooked at its best 😍

And then there was pasta – where my heart truely lies…

All washed down with the most perfect local bottle of red (or two) 🍷

Chocolate fondant for dessert accompanied with a sharp & very sweet dessert wine – we then officially felt we could never eat again! Until we were told about the cheese cellar four steps to our left…

Voila! Perfect Italian in the most perfect place! If you visit Siena and enjoy your food the way I do, please visit here and do not hesitate to go all out after a walk around the most stunning & historical city in Italy.

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