Marco Pierre White

Close to one of the greatest shopping centres in the UK lies Marco Pierre’s restaurant in the fabulous Mailbox, Birmingham; the perfect surprise planned by my best friends for my 27th Birthday. The ideal place for food, shops & champagne!

We had to take the elevator up to the top floor which overlooked the surrounding area, and the ‘Afternoon Tea with Champers’ option is what we went for, whilst enjoying a restaurant room with a view – and it sure delivered!

From smoked salmon sandwiches, to egg cress sandwiches, to tuna cucumber and many more, this was the ideal setting to ‘keep us going’ when the hunger pangs really kicked in…

The creamy Chocolate eclair and jam scones were my sweet faves and they contained just about the right amount of fluffiness in the pastry.

5 very pleased ladies later..An ideal setting for ladies out at lunch 👯🥂

The only problem with afternoon tea is… we got thirsty! So it was time to tap our glasses and go for the champers option – way too overpriced but meh, it was a special occasion! 🥂

Fabulous service, amazing company, beautiful views which make you feel as if you could be anywhere, and most importantly, tasty food. Marco Pierre White did not disappoint and I highly recommend to visit if ever in the area, most likely a special lengthy stopping point when you need a rest from a shopping day out at The Bull Ring; arrange that something special ❤️

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