Coppa Club

Down in Berkshire lies an endless world of quaint countryside pubs, idyllic scenery and a whole lot of gourmet 🍽

After a recent visit to one of my old friend’s new home which was situated in the great town of Wokingham, I was taken to the wonderful village of Sonning-on-Thames, which is apparently where George Clooney lives – so you can imagine how idyllic this place must be…

Hoping to bump into my childhood celebrity crush who was expectedly nowhere to be seen, we sure found the Coppa Club fairly quickly.

As a main attraction to the village, we entered the former Elizabethan coaching Inn, which featured a curved pewter bar, old-school & authentic fireplaces and one magnificent beer garden.

The sun was shining as expected in June, and we were seated in the outside area, torn between whether to eat there or get comfortable on their garden section further down-hill which overlooked the river. As a barbecue was on-the-go down there, we thought we would leave it for another day and went to sit on the outside terrace part, which was covered in cute fairy lights.

We soon discovered the menu, which consisted predominantly of European food from small sharing plates to grilled mains and a whole lot of tastiness. 

For the “small plates & sharing” we started with the Tomato Bruschetta, coated with baby tomatoes, fresh garlic toast & extra virgin olive oil.

A quick selection was then made for the main course where we remained sat on the terrace, ordering the superfood salad and a crab linguine to stay relatively light.

Seasoned perfectly, both meals did not disappoint, along with the Elderflower & Mint Limonatas which nicely washed down the meals.

Two ladies left extremely happy and the service was on point 👌

Next stop – London’s Coppa Club branch ✌️

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