Right in the heart of Manchester, the city of which I lived in for three years, lies my latest discovery – Grafene.

With a modern take on British food & dining, the menu will blow your mind with its ever-changing and continuous development on fine dishes. The food is sourced from local artisan and suppliers, which is a main reason I found everything SO flavoursome and at its best on each and every course. 

Let’s start with The Drinks:

Accompanied with a selection of homemade breads, our cocktails arrived and they were VERY aesthetically pleasing! I love a stylish twist when it comes to cocktail presentation (I.e. London’s famous Purl drinks), so here’s a little feather and steamed beaker to accompany my “Grafene” cocktail from Saturday night – the bar classic containing gin & elderflower 🍸

The Menu:

The food was sophisticatedly executed in terms of portion sizes, seasoning and all round flavour. Each course prepared your palette for what next to come…

From beetroot & goat’s curd to mackerel, to beef tartare, xo egg, black bean & sesame, to halibut, roast beef and then parfait pudding and the final dessert – dark chocolate mousse, kirsch, yoghurt & cherry 😍

Now for a breakdown of some of my personal faves. 🍽

The Starters:

Beetroot, goat’s curd, hazelnut & gazpacho was the first dish which arrived – a fantastic combination of ingredients I would’ve never have thought of putting together until now.

And a blurry image of the fabulous amuse-bouche below – AKA “happy mouth” according to the French:

The Mains:

Time for my personal favourite dish Рthe hefty main which consisted of a hefty portion of roast fillet of beef, onion pur̩e and snail Bourguignon.

Followed by the Blueberry parfait, peach, Basil and pecan course – a little crowd-pleaser around our table.

Another unique fish dish which came out was the torched mackerel – cooked to perfection and full of flavour. This course also included parfait, gooseberries and ponzu which complimented the meat well.

The next dish was again one of my faves and consisted of a concoction of ingredients & tastes to turn anyone into a true fish lover. The key ingredient on this course was the Halibut, accompanied with cauliflower, grenobloise sauce, and crispy chicken skin. Delicious! 

The Puddings:

First pudding sampler below – complimentary dark chocolate bites & jelly cubes! 

And then the main star of all puddings came out which was the dark chocolate mousse, kirsch, yoghurt & cherry 🍒 👌

A lovely evening with the family at Grafene – it did not disappoint and I recommend to anyone hungry in the area for the next occasion out in the city 💕

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