Daylesford Organic Farm 

Looking for a fun and foodie day out in the Cotswolds? 

Look no further than Daylesford Organic Farm & Shop based in the heart of Gloucestershire; the perfect day out for sampling food, wine and discovering all things organic.

From a recent visit to an old friend’s house nearby, we’d heard fantastic things from locals about Daylesford. So we got the winter boots on and set off one October morning, with the crisp fallen leaves surrounding us – a stunning setting on the walk up.

The car-park to the place was jammed which is always a good sign, especially as it was a Sunday morning. Another good sign was the size of the pumpkins upon entry to the farm, which gave us ‘Autumnal vibes’ for the rest of the day.


From resisting to buy the largest pumpkins that would last us a life-time, we entered the organic farm shop with an instant warm welcoming, from the smells, produce, service and interior of the place.


Surrounded by the ‘woody’ decor and Cotswold stone walls, we soon came across my favourite thing in life – CHEESE.

In terms of their Dairy range at the shop, it was fascinating to discover their herd of British Friesians are raised organically and are free to roam the unpolluted, green pastures of their farm in Gloucestershire. 

One of the shop assistants was telling us that their creamy organic milk is put to good use and it is the vital key ingredient in their success as award-winning makers of cheese. 

The first cheese we tried out with free crackers and chutney condiments was the Black Bomber Cheese – a very strong and very tasty cheese, which needs to be tried by all true cheese lovers out there. 

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more variety from the initial selection as you walk in, there was a little side room to the left of the entrance which in my eyes, was a doorway to cheese dreams…


Speaking of cheese, bread’s naturally next on the list as a ‘hot topic’ to compliment cheese; the Bakery at Daylesford therefore also has an impressive, unique history.

The Gloucestershire farm’s bakery makes award-winning breads, cakes and pastries fresh each day. Much focus is placed on the fact they only use the best organic ingredients and traditional artisan methods to produce delicious breads of unique quality.

The bread is presented on sharing boards (along with the cheese & chutneys) for all passers-by as you walk around the beautiful farm shop.


As discovered from speaking with the staff (and you’ll also be able to discover more information on their website), Daylesford’s new online butchery service provides the best quality organic meat, cut to order by their skilled butchers in their own abattoirs and delivery is included. This is a feature I may need to take them up on our next dinner party…

Take a peek through their finest beef, lamb and pork selection from Daylesford’s organic pastures in the heart of the Cotswolds. Link to the website found here:


Now we’ve talked bread and cheese, there needs to be a little wine to wash all these nibbles down… 

As you walk through the organic shop you’ll see a whole world of wine from the finest rose and white wine, to an entire wall of decent, full-bodied and well-priced red wines.

Fresh Fruit

Again, all organic and fresh ingredients are supplied around every corner you turn.

Here’s a little snapshot into how all their food is wonderfully presented around the farm & shop – a great selection of  fresh fruit on offer from large baking apples to Spanish Mango and organic oranges.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…


These HUGE Chestnut Mushrooms also added to the Autumnal/ Winter cosy vibes of the place. I can’t wait to see how they’ll dress up the Winter scene! 

The Restaurant

Now for the best bit – the restaurant. I’d recommend booking here as it gets so busy, but we got very lucky and they managed to seat a table of 4 for us last minute.

There was a wide selection of tasty food from the menu, ranging from healthy ‘Cotswold’ and ‘flat-iron chicken’ salads, to crispy smoked haddock fishcakes and autumn risotto of butternut squash.

In a nutshell, the restaurant homes the best Steak Pappardelle I’ve ever had.

The dish consisted of Wootton Estate venison  pappardelle, woodland mushrooms, smoked bacon and parmesan.

My boyfriend went for one of the specials of the day which was Faggots, mash & spinach. I tried this out and found it to be an even tastier version of ‘Bangers & Mash’.

We thought we’d try out the organic house red wine which was delicious and complimented our red meat dishes perfectly.

And this can’t be a real food blog post without a snap of the Chef! …

So if you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Daylesford Organic Farm to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the nibbles, shop in their fabulous farm shop and appreciate the stylish decor. 


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