Paternoster Chop House

Introducing the latest dining out experience on #MooreEatsOut; Paternoster Chop House, the restaurant most commonly known for being featured in Channel 4’s First Dates TV programme.

For those of you who are familiar with the show, you’ll understand why I wanted to eat here. Not only does the food look incredible, the atmosphere, decor, and charismatic service invites you in – so it was time to witness what all the fuss was about.

Located in London underneath the famous building of St.Paul’s Cathedral, the outdoor terrace was just as it appeared on the programme. I couldn’t help but compare the setting on the show with how each room appeared off screen, so it was intriguing to walk through the main doors and see the well-known cocktail bar to the right of the entrance, which is the first area for where the singletons on the show meet their blind dinner date.

The wine list was pricey but glad to see the cheapest was the one we wanted anyway, which was a Portuguese white favourite of mine.

After soaking up the restaurant vibes and thoroughly enjoying the first few sips of our vino, my boyfriend, and my brother and I were all escorted to our seats located on the table right next to the kitchen.

Now speaking of TV shows, I personally don’t watch it but apparently the man behind our table in the picture above is from Game of Thronesa lot of celebs in this vicinity it seems!

As it was Sunday lunch time, we felt it was imperative to make it Sunday roast time. 🍴

All three of us are big eaters so when we saw the roasts were priced at just under £20, we knew the portions would suffice.

Three Norfolk Horn Lamb Leg Roasts later…


All roast meals are dished up with JUST the meat and Yorkshire puddings, and then the side dishes are provided separately so you can keep on topping your plate up with as many potatoes, sauces and vegetable portions as you like.

For those interested in what else there is to offer at this restaurant, take a peek at the full menu below, which includes a wonderful selection of unique starters, as well as meat, fish & vegetarian options.

For all the foodies in London, I’d definitely give this steak place a try, even if it’s not for a First Date!

A great experience located in the fabulous city with non-stop entertainment.


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