Hype In Hanoi

Today’s blog post welcomes you to the capital of Vietnam! Hanoi is the heart of true Asia and the place to be for tasting real authentic South East Asian food by ancient temples and glorious architecture.

Looking to venture out to this part of the world? Read on to discover the best places to eat and browse through the latest on my Instafood at #MooreEatsOut if you’re an all out foodie.

Vietnam is now famous across the world for its spectacular cuisine, and so here’s my top 5 ultimate restaurants in Hanoi for you to get in on.

1. Ngon Villa

Ngon Villa is an extension of Vietnam’s wonderful food culture, offering Vietnam’s favourite dishes in comfortable and elegant surroundings.

Nothing exemplifies Hanoi’s French history like the gorgeous architecture in this city; from humble terraced shophouses to grand detached mansions, Ngon Villa is a perfect example showcasing the rustic yellow & blue French-styled buildings.

Greeted by the sweetest hostess named Sky, we were soon seated at our table.


Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more popular around the world because of its fresh ingredients, unique flavours, and most importantly, it’s health benefits.

The chefs at Ngon Villa devote themselves in curating the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations. Each dish is packed with a concoction of fresh ingredients and is presented through inspiration from both the North and South of the country.

It’s therefore no surprise that we tried out the ‘specials’ which consisted of fresh spring rolls and Vietnamese-flavoured pork skewers; spicy, flavoursome and very satisfying.

2. Home Restaurant

Similar decor to the fantastic Ngon Villa previously mentioned, Home restaurant is full of French architecture and really makes you feel…well… at home!

The fusion of old world splendor and cutting edge sophistication defines Home as a Vietnamese Restaurant. Amongst the charming service and surrounding lanterns within the venue, we were served the finest traditional Vietnamese food with inspired contemporary cuisine.

The only unusual thing I found about the restaurant was the location; it was a good 20 minute walk through the very run down part of the city and quite away from the centre. But nothing an Uber couldn’t sort out! The ratings on TripAdvisor were superb so nice to see the place is still a tourist dining out attraction – says a lot about the food & overall experience as it leaves you wanting more.

The bottle of house white wine was ordered and I went for the roasted boneless duck served with crackers and soya sauce. Duck is served with the fat still on each slice in Vietnam, but again nothing I couldn’t handle as you can see from the picture below – all happy with a large bowl of steamed rice on the side to soak up the juices from the meat.

Oh and we were even given a complimentary dessert thanks to the lovely Restaurant Manager, Annie, who revealed her shared love for England as she also attended the University of Manchester, practically on our door step!

Annie ensured we had an excellent time and gave us the recipe to the popular Vietnamese pudding; deep-fried banana battered with green sticky rice and caramelised sauce.



Thank you Annie and the rest of the team at Home Restaurant!


3. Duong Restaurant

After researching all great things about this restaurant, we just had to see what all the fuss was about – a brilliant chef & casual cookery lesson apparently…

Serving traditional Vietnamese dishes mixed with Vietnamese/ French fusion dishes, this restaurant soon fell into my top five of Hanoi.

We had a mixed platter for startera which included all the restaurant’s specialty dishes; the famous Banh Xeo Vietnamese dish being one of them.

Each course came with a casual cooking lesson from the waitress and I was delighted to be taught how to eat my fresh Sea-Bream with fresh ingredients.



Duong Restarant’s a very fun and unique restaurant experience! Make sure to comment below to those who have been…

4. Highway 4 on Bat Su Street

Number four on my list is Highway 4 Restaurant – where all the cool kids go!

Introduced by the outrageous Hungarian owner, we were soon recommended interesting choices to say the least. And as you can tell from the above photo, 8 shots of rice liquor we’re ordered, it was 11am, and we didn’t quite know what to make of it…

12pm came upon us and we ordered some crickets which were crunchy and unusual – and then I had Crab served with Vermicelli noodles which instantly made me a happy gal in my ‘safe noodle place.’

To summarise – delicious food, awesome drinks and very cool vibes in this restaurant situated in the heart of Hanoi.

5. Red Bean Restaurant

My personal favourite place in the City for modern Vietnamese cuisine – Red Bean Restaurant.

Again spring rolls for starters (a regular food choice in Vietnam!) and on to a mild Vietnamese beef curry for my main course – absolutely delicious and no surprise to receive exceptional service along the side.

And you MUST visit the beer corner for a cheeky beverage afterwards – the streets are filled with authentic bars which are not to be missed.

Ending a happy trip with happy tequila!

So Hanoi Hanoi – when you’re in it, the chaos of Hanoi’s streets can feel overwhelming. But when you’re above it looking down, it’s definitely the most beautiful more peaceful view.

Rooftop Bars of Hanoi

Hanoi’s rooftop scene isn’t quite as varied as your options in Ho Chi Minh city as explored in my last blog post, but I’ve still discovered two places you cannot miss to end my recommended food & drink stops in the capital.

Twilight Bar

Located on the rooftop of the newly-opened Hotel in Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter, this snazzy drinking spot has 270-degree outlook over the city including views of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Handcrafted signature cocktails and fine wines define the drinks list so a Pina Colada just had to be ordered from myself and an old fashioned from my other half, while mellow DJ beats enhanced the chilled-out vibes of the place.

Sky Bar

Grab a coffee & steal the views of the capital city on Sky Bar’s rooftop terrace!

Of course, fancy cocktail sipping can also be achieved in this place, but I found it best to have a morning view in broad daylight to get a real view of the city.

So the image below was taken first thing in the morning and as it was January, the sun was not shining (unlike the weather in South Vietnam at this time of year) so you can only image how stunning this place is in the Summer time.

So here’s your day and night rooftop options for the recommended short stay in the capital! Enjoy.


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