The Lost & Found

The Lost & Found has been high on the Cheshire restaurant hit-list since it’s recent opening last year; a Victorian-inspired hideaway in Knutsford which is an eclectic grand venue serving sourdough pizzas and josper-grilled steaks, complemented by apothecary-style cocktails.

Mid-week is your best chance to visit without booking as you’ll always be guaranteed a table, so Tuesday night came along and it was time to trial out the menu one spontaneous evening with my bestie! Although the venue is HUGE, staff advise weekends get packed in this place so make sure to ensure a reservation to avoid disappointment.

The restaurant’s incredibly spacious within the three storey building and there’s a stylish bar area to enjoy a drink pre-meal.


It was a cold snowy night as the recent English weather has taken us by surprise going into a supposed ‘White Easter’. We were seated at a cosy spot next to the radiator with a candle-lit view of the outside street within Knutsford.


Background: The Lady Behind the Myth

The restaurant chain has its own city representative behind The Lost & Found. The website states further information on the myth of Emily B. Kingsley for the Knutsford branch;

‘Emily’ is a city-girl who moved to the country away from the busy city of Manchester; a true socialite, she enjoys a gentrified and bohemian existence, free from the stresses of modern life. Living around Tatton Park and with a love for all things outdoors, she wanders the countryside collecting samples and recording her findings of the local flora and fauna from dawn till dusk.

A nice and unique twist having personified representatives to showcase the locations of the restaurants; Knutsford, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol.

The Menu

The menu offers an array of exciting and affordable dishes, ranging from the likes of lightly salted squid to glazed aubergine, beef tartare and many more.

The main dishes consist of a great selection of Pasta & Risotto, a ‘Josper’ charcoal oven which cooks a variety of meats from beef, fish and chicken tikka.


We went for the Fritto Misto sharing platter which includes deep fried tempura king prawns, red mullet, whitebait and lightly dusted squid.

The starter was served on ‘fish & chip shop’ grease-proof styled newspaper and was a little too much of a batter overload for me; I’d have preferred there to be a mixture of non-battered fish as it felt quite a heavy starter.

However, the garlic mayonnaise dip helped us polish off the whole thing ‘pre’ our larger dishes to follow.

The Main

The main course made up for the starter as I went for my personal favourite pasta dish – a Beef Ragu Pappardelle.

The pappardelle was evenly mixed through with slow cooked beef ragu, and finished with a Parmesan and Pablo crumb.

Perfect portion size and a very safe dish to order!


All desserts range from £6-£10 which is the standard price in the area.

I went for the Earl Grey Panna Cotta with blackberries and mini shortbread biscuits. The Panna Cotta was just the right texture of thickness yet remained softly set as it should; and the earl grey flavour complimented the lightness of this dish nicely.

I also sampled my friend’s classic choice of the Millionaire’s Shortbread which came with dark chocolate, sticky whisky caramel, honeycomb and a rich chocolate ice cream.


The waitress got us most excited about the cocktail menu and we were soon recommended the Mountain Meadow after advising we like refreshing elderflower cocktails as requested, preferably gin or vodka!

The Mountain Meadow cocktail sure delivered with a concoction of the following ingredients;

  • Żubrówka Vodka
  • Briottet Crème de Bergamote
  • Elderflower syrup
  • Eager apple juice
  • Lemon juice & mint

Very fresh and moreish. 

I’ll definitely be returning to seek out what the Summer menu at The Lost & Found has to offer. ☀️🍽🍸

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