Based in the idyllic quaint town of Ludlow lies my latest foodie discovery for a belated birthday present, a tasting experience at a restaurant named Mortimers.

Serving modern British/French food, Mortimers is a true fine dining restaurant which is perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Almost at Michelin star, the restaurant received the Craft Guild New Restaurant of The Year Finalists in 2016 and just seems to be getting better.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a refreshing Gin & Tonic which had a refreshing slice of orange peel. As you can see from the image above the dining experience was warm, cosy and set in a historical building; ideal through these cold English months.

Once seated at our table we were presented with a selection of warm bread with three different types of butter; salted, unsalted and olive butter.

As we chose the Tasting Menu, we prepared ourselves for the eight courses to follow…

Course One: Goats Cheese Mousse with Baby Beets

And yes, this was as good as it sounds for all the goats cheese lovers out there.

It was soon apparent that the standards of presentation were extremely high in this place, and each dish maintained its unique and gastronomical ‘wow’ factor throughout the entire evening.

Garlic flavoured goats cheese with a crouton slouched through – what could go wrong?!

Course Two: Hand Dived Scallop, Ratatouille, Gazpacho

As a huge Scallop fan, I was delighted to see this dish presented to us as our second starter.

The crisp cut through the mild sauce which sat on the fresh fish and was extremely flavoursome. This went really well with a bottle of white wine which was an Italian choice from Tuscany, and there’s also a wine pairing option on the menu which suggests a different wine for each dish.

Course Three: Duck Pressing, Pastrami, Celeriac

Now for the start of the main courses – DUCK. The duck was cooked to perfection and the celeriac really made the dish for me.

Course Four: Sea Trout with Crab Bon Bon, Cucumber and Creme Fraiche

Next we were presented with another seafood selection; a hearty serving of Sea Trout which was soaked up with a scoop of creme fraiche.

A very refreshing ‘in-between’ course which left you wanting more; the freshness of the cucumber paired nicely with the Crab Bon Bon.

Course Five: Beef Hereford, Baby Leeks, Roast Shallot

Now for the show stopping dish – the hearty slice of Beef! Followed very closely behind my personal favourite meat being duck, this beef dish took the lead over the third previous course; the pea purée went beautifully with the meat and charred shallots.

I felt this dish provided the biggest climax from all dishes prior and was a huge success; very tasty on the palette and packed with a concoction of rich ingredients that weren’t too heavy.

Course Six: Cheese Board

Costing an additional £8.50 per person (and of course we went for one each), this cheese board consisted of British Artisan, Chutney and a variety of sweet & savoury biscuits.

We had the option to have this before or after dessert and went for the course prior to the pudding; a wise choice and I’d definitely recommend this order for your visit…

Course Seven: Strawberry Panna Cotta, Sorbet & Meringue

Dessert time! And another dish which did not fail to deliver.

The sweetness of he Panna Cotta always goes well with the contrasting sharp taste of rhubarb and a refreshing strawberry sorbet which left the palette feeling cleansed and satisfied.

Course Eight

The final and best birthday course pudding; the waiter came out with a Marquise Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Brittle and Caramel Ice Cream dessert with an extra sparkling surprise on top…

A lovely end to a really enjoyable fine dining experience.


The Tasting Menu is £62.50 pp and with the additional wine pairing, £37.50 pp.

Great value for money and I highly recommend this restaurant when next in the vicinity if you’re looking for an extraordinary meal within a historical and cosy town.

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