Mr Lau’s Dim Sum Restaurant

As a lover of Chinese food, you can only imagine how delighted I was to receive an invite to review Mr Lau’s Dim Sum Restaurant located in Warrington, Cheshire.

Serving an array of authentic Chinese food, Mr Lau’s modern restaurant offers Dim Sum Monday’s ‘All Classics’ weekly, Swinging Tuesdays ‘Skewers & Fries’, Half Price Wednesdays from the ‘A La Carte’ Menu, Thirty Thursdays ‘Wine & Dine’ and my personal favourite day – Aromatic Friday’s where you get your crispy duck for FREE.

And so the weekend just gone was the perfect time to visit the restaurant – positive vibes were all around as the first & hottest day of Spring had officially arrived after what seemed to be the longest Winter in history!

Prior to reviewing the menu, I attended a PR event for some pre-dinner cocktails just next door to the restaurant at a bar/cafe named Emilys. Owned by the same family who run Mr Lau’s restaurant, I was invited by the lovely Pamela Lau who hosted the entire day which started with a Cocktail Masterclass, followed by a full restaurant experience focused heavily around Dim Sum.

Click here to enjoy a full read through my latest review on Emilys before we chat Dim Sum!

As a little background to Mr Lau’s restaurant, Pamela (pictured in the middle above) told me about her family history and how she picked up the restaurant trade from her grandfather and uncles, who had owned Chinese restaurants within the area for years.

The legend Mr Lau himself came from a small village Northern China where some relatives still reside to this day. His cooking skills brought him to England where he worked in one of London’s top Michelin Star restaurants and later moved to Manchester and owned a restaurant called ‘Summer Palace’ in Sale with his sons and Tony Lau (the current Head Chef at the restaurant).


And so we arrived in the family-run restaurant after a fabulous start to the afternoon welcomed with prosecco, cocktails and a cheery bartender named Yani. We were seated at our table, handed the menus by the efficient staff members and were soon recommended the steamed Dim Sum and were able to select any and every course we wanted from the la carte menu.

The Menu – this was bigger than me for starters…

Spoiled for choice, we thought it was best to stick with the recommended Dim Sum for two.

Sharing Platters for Two:

When in doubt, it’s best to go for everything! I ordered both the steamed and crispy Dim Sum of which both dishes balanced one another out well. The Steamed Dim Sum was particularly flavoursome and here’s what was inside each of them;

Sui mai, har gau, duck & hoisin gau, beef sui mai with ‘lao gan ma’ chilli oil.

Sesame prawns á la toast (made fresh daily), chicken spring rolls, crispy.

The Sui mai was my favourite from this wooden basket of tasty joy; deep fried salt and pepper with a variety of prawns and pork – delicious! Oh, and it was all topped off with tiny beads of orange caviar.

Next for the classic – GAMBLERS DUCK. This all-time crowd-pleasing Chinese starter consisted of a crispy aromatic duck & pancakes with hoi sin sauce, shredded scallions and julienne cucumber. The duck was shredded at the table in front of us and was served as a decent portion as seen below. Great price at £12.95 per quarter.

For my main course, I stuck to my ‘go-to’ udon noodle dish I just knew would deliver. Served in eye-shot from the open kitchen, my duck udon noodles were soon brought out; priced at £15.95, the noodles contained similar flavours to my duck pancakes starter. This included gamblers duck, hoisin sauce (never fails!) and toasted sesame seeds.

The noodles truly sum up Mr Lau’s menu as a whole for me. Simply great, Chinese classics done extremely well with a few Mr Lau’s ‘spicy’ surprises on the way.

I also tried the LOBSTER NOODLES (£34.95) which I couldn’t recommend more! Bursting with authentic and fresh flavours, this dish consisted of sauteéd lobster in ginger & spring onion sauce served on a bed of noodles.

Next up, I went for MR LAU’S SICHUAN PRAWNS; these are priced at £18.95 and with that you get large juicy king prawns with a spicy sichuan tomato sauce.

Now here’s a quick shot of the SEAFOOD PLATTER – after all the above dishes I couldn’t fit this in, but had to share the image as I witnessed the guy who was sat next to me demolish everything. This dish is usually meant for two people – this was apparently ‘cut down’ to one portion size…

Packed with a concoction of ingredients, this platter included salt & pepper crispy fish, king prawns, lobster, soft shell crab, mussels, langoustine, scallops and clams. Who’s up for this Seafood Platter challenge on their next visit?!

And there’s no better way to end a meal than a light, palette cleansing Jasmine Tea for two; very refreshing and served in black china cutlery to add to the authentic experience.

Thanks to all the chefs at Mr Lau’s Restaurant who served our large (and noisy) blogger table of 12!

*I was very kindly invited to review this menu for two by the lovely owners at Mr Lau’s Restaurant; all opinions are my very own.

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