Tre Ciccio

As a lover of Italian food, you can only imagine how delighted I was to receive an invite for reviewing the menu at the recommendable Tre Ciccio restaurant – conveniently situated in the centre of my new hometown of Altrincham.

Born in the Summer of 2016, Tre Ciccio emerged in the bustling market town just South of Manchester. The origins of the restaurant lie in the name Tre Ciccio which translates as ‘three chubby friends’.

Tre Ciccio is the result of a passion shared between the owner Francesco Scafuri and two of his friends in the industry back in Campania, the region from which the eatery draws its inspiration.

With an authentic menu offering the finest Neapolitan pizzas, traditional roast chicken diavola and a regular Specials Menu offering an array of pasta dishes, this tardis-like trattoria is on the radar for one of my new top Italian discoveries in the area.


As quoted from the Tre Ciccio website, after visiting the restaurant you’ll find the summary below is the perfect encapsulation of what the Italian restaurant has to offer;

“Rich in history & folklore with an abundance of quality ingredients – San Marzano tomatoes, Amalfi lemons & buffalo mozzarella to name but a few. Tre Ciccio endeavours to capture the true essence & authenticity in its menu – hope you enjoy.”


The Setting

Upon arrival, my guest and I were greeted by two of Tre Ciccio’s friendly Italian waiters and I instantly had a good feeling about the place. Classic, chic and urban vibes achieved all under one roof.

From clocking the open wood-fired pizza oven and exposed brick walls as seen in my image below, I just knew this was going to be my kind of venue.

We were taken downstairs to the central spacious dining area, which looked out to the outdoor terrace which had a retracting roof.

Enjoying the sunny weather August 2018 has offered us so far, we were given the drinks menu and sat back to soak up the atmosphere (read on to view the outdoor terrace!)

*Photo credit to Tre Ciccio.

The Drinks

The wine and beer at Tre Ciccio are hand selected from the Italian regions. All wine is served in tumbler glasses which I feel again add to the traditional Italian dining experience.

To compliment my Seafood dish I had already anticipated to go with before seeing the menu, I went for a large glass of the Ca’ Montebello, Pinot Grigio which was sourced from Lombardy, Italy.

My guest ordered a glass of red wine in the spirit of the candlelit ambiance surrounding us, and he ordered a Nero d’avola, borgo d’avola deglia ceri; this vino was from Sicily.

Main Courses

Now for those of you who follow my blog closely, you’ll be fully aware of my passion for pasta and simply all things spaghetti related!

Once the Specials Menu was presented to us, I had to go with my ‘go to’ Seafood dish – the Spaghetti Al Frutti Di Mare. This Special consisted of spaghetti, prawns, clams, mussels, squid, Falanghina white wine, San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic, chilli, parsley and a drizzle of virgin olive oil.

*Refer to the Specials Menu above to check out the other pasta style dishes, along with the pricing of each meal. 



As you can see from my big smile above, this meal did not fail to deliver. The portion size was just right and all seafood elements were cooked to perfection. Even the spaghetti was seasoned just how I like it – with plenty of garlic, olive oil and enough parsley to bring out the flavours within the dish.

My guest had one of the restaurant’s more popular dishes; the Pollo Alla Cacciatora. The ‘Hunters style’ roast chicken consisted of potatoes with slow-cooked tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and rosemary.

I just had to dive in to my guest’s roast chicken dish and quickly saw why this was one of their best sellers on the menu. The chicken was cooked well; very succulent, with plenty of salt and rosemary herbs to bring the concoction of ingredients together.

The roast chicken dish above is priced at £13.45 or you can get a larger version cooked for two people, which is priced at £26.95.

Side Dishes

It’s official – no meal is really complete without side orders.

Excited about the following dish from casting my wandering eye on the crispy fried courgette displayed on the table next to us, I couldn’t help but order this Zucchine Fritte as a priority.

To partner with the above side dish, I decided to order another vegetarian option of the Friarielli; sautéed wild broccoli with chilli & garlic. These were delicious and well executed as far as side orders go…

I cannot wait to return to try out the pizzas which are cooked in the open-fired oven as seen from the image featured earlier in this post ☺️ Pizzas range from £6.95-£12.95 so fairly priced, especially with consideration to the location of the restaurant (half Cheshire, half Manchester).

The ‘gourmet’ list under the Pizza section on the menu offers my next foodie hit-list; the Amalfi option. This meal contains Delfino anchovies from Cetara, Amalfi Coast, buffalo mozzarella, confit red & yellow cherry tomatoes, virgin olive oil and a touch of basil – my favourite herb to complete Italian dishes.

From dining out in the actual heart of Amalfi I have only high expectations from my previous trip which involved a whole lot of authentic pizza, dining up in the hills of Ravello – take a read for what’s to expect: The Best of Amalfi.

Outdoor Terrace View

Tre Ciccio Dessert

The service provided was of a high standard. I found the true highlight was when we were offered an outdoor seat on the terrace to enjoy our pudding in order to experience the best of both seating positions in the restaurant.

Sticking to the Italian traditional dishes, I ordered the Tiramisu; coffee, amaretto, mascarpone cream and cocoa powder – what more could I ask for?!

I always find there’s two types of Tiramisu when served in a restaurant – the strong coffee/sponge kind, and the strong amaretto/extra creamy kind. Luckily Tre Ciccio’s Tiramisu lived up to my high expectations as I thoroughly enjoyed the extra creamy texture which had enough of a ‘kick’ to it from the sweet, yet sharp, amaretto liquor.


And so dessert was washed down with the final sip of wine and we were left as two very satisfied customers!

So there you have it; if looking for an authentic, aesthetically pleasing (both in decor & gastronomy) Italian eatery in South Manchester, Tre Ciccio is the place for you!


MON                     10 – 9

TUE – THUR        10 – 10

FRI – SAT             10 – 10.30

SUN                      10 – 9

*I was kindly invited to review this menu for two; all opinions are my very own.

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