Bar San Juan, Chorlton

Looking for the perfect place for authentic Spanish food in Manchester isn’t always easy. That’s what my food blog focused on the top recommended restaurants in the area is here for…

I’m delighted to share with you my most recent and exciting restaurant discovery in the heart of bustling Chorlton on Beech Road, Bar San Juan

Introducing – THE most authentic, tasty & affordable Spanish restaurant in South Manchester!

The menu celebrates traditional dishes with an inventive twist and is situated on a busy road filled with independent bars and restaurants.

With both myself and boyfriend being HUGE lovers of Spanish cuisine, we found this to be the dream place to celebrate his 31st birthday. Cool, casual, rustic and non-stop attentive service from the Spanish waiters who knew exactly what they were talking about.

Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door and chose to sit by the bar with a recommended local house white & red wine. You can’t book a reservation at this tapas bar but I quickly found it’s the kind of environment where it’s nice to wait with a drink to kick-start the evening; very pleasant place to simply sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

Being a hot Summer’s day, it seemed a luxury to then be seated outside from just a 15 minute wait at the bar, and we were handed the menu which showcased an array of enticing South European dishes. The style of the menu and the tiled tapas bar exudes Spanish vibes with its traditional decor, serving authentic dishes and imported beer and wine.

As we were hungry and LOVE Spanish food (did I mention that already?) we decided to ‘flip out’ and get 10 dishes between the two of us. The waiter was loving our enthusiasm and said we had over-ordered, but proud to reveal before sharing the dishes to follow that we finished each and every plate served…

My Top 5 Tapas Dishes:

  1. Gambas Pil-Pil – Hot chilli and garlic peeled tiger prawns. These were a perfect starting tapas dish priced at £5.90.
  2. Albondigas Jardinera – My personal favourite; homemade beef & pork meatballs in a sauce made with sherry and vegetables, costing only £6.20.
  3. Croquetas San Juan – Fried bechamel croquettes which is a must-have! The croquettes were made with chicken cooked in beer and ham (£5.50).
  4. Tortilla Espanola – Spanish Omelette! This HAS to be ordered to keep in line with the most popular traditional dishes and is one of the cheapest dishes priced at £3.75.
  5. Pimiento de Padron – Pan fried tiny peppers imported from Galicia (northwest of Spain); this is a perfect side dish to compliment almost any tapas dish on the menu, and the peppers are sprinkled with maldon salt (£4.90).

As you’ll see from the prices in my top 5 tapas dishes above, the beauty of this place is the affordability of such high quality food – no fancy decor or formal white table cloths, this place is the real deal.

Again, I wanted to end my blog review on a final positive note the waiters provided to top off our evening – they surprised us with a Crema Catelana with a birthday candle and all came around our table to sing Happy Birthday in front of everyone. I enjoyed this moment slightly more than my other half but we both found this really added to the personal experience at the restaurant!

I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with Bar San Juan; the food, the service and overall atmosphere which made you truly feel as if you could be in Spain.

Feel the real flavour from Spain with Tapas and Cerveza with Bar San Juan.

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