Fuzen, Hale

Introducing Fuzen – Hale’s finest Japanese Izakaya restaurant located within Hale Country Club, Cheshire’s most premium five star club & spa.

As I now pretty much live on the door-step to this restaurant, it was a no-brainer to take full advantage of my exclusive club membership and explore the food menu from their popular restaurant.

Serving Asian dishes with locally sourced seasonal ingredients, Fuzen is renowned for it’s sushi rolls. The sushi rolls are perfectly cut sashimi, and what sets them apart from your standard sushi dishes are the unique flavours which bring together each exciting plate of food.

Hale Country Club’s Fuzen restaurant offers an array of exquisite Eastern flavours and traditional British recipes, embracing modern contemporary skills whilst sticking to Asian cuisine.

Starting with one of my most favourite sushi rolls, let’s begin this post with the famous Fuzen Rolls which have got to be tried!

Pictured in the image below, the Fuzen Rolls include a warm crispy panko roll with chilli, ginger, spring onion, yuzu mayo and sriracha.

On a previous visit, I sampled another set of Fuzen Rolls which were ordered again alongside a very popular side dish – the grilled tender stem-broccoli. Although broccoli doesn’t sound particularly exciting, absolutely everyone I’ve eaten with at this restaurant have raved about the flavour of this dish as it’s served with sweet soy and toasted sesame; so simple yet so effective.

Now for my number 2 most ordered sushi dish – The Roll With No Name.

The Roll With No Name is priced at £10.00 and consists of a crispy panko roll with king prawn katsu, avocado, crisp pancetta and cucumber.

Served with a touch of wasabi and pickled ginger, this dish is simply delicious.

The Crunch Roll is an alternative, slightly healthier option to the Fuzen Roll as this is a non-battered reverse roll in tempura flakes with spicy mayo, sweet soy and chilli, with a touch of lime leaf syrup.

Now for a real crowd pleaser on the menu – the Prawn Star Martini. This dish is another classic from the menu which is photographed in the image below; battered prawns in a martini shaped glass filled with rice & Asian sauces – what more would you want?!

Oh, and it’s accompanied with a shot of champagne…

Aside from the tender stem-broccoli side dish I previously touched on, I need to share with you another popular side which accompanies each sushi dish well – the mouth-watering Halloumi Fries.

If you’re hungry, just do it…

On to my next recommended dish at Fuzen – the flavoursome salad bowls!

The salad bowls are by no means a light meal, they’re just as substantial as many other full on meat/carb selections on the menu, especially if you have the honey-glazed chicken or sticky beef.

My personal favourite is the Quinoa Salad Bowl with sticky beef; this includes mango salsa, cashews, spring onion, fine cucumber and red onion, sugar snaps and radish.

Let’s finish this post with a quick heads up on the other menus offered at Fuzen – the Breakfast Menu!

Apart from the main menu & bar menu which include the likes of the dishes above, there’s a separate breakfast menu which serves a selection of brunch type meals any time before 11am.

The Breakfast Menu consists of an array of dishes of which my most recent order is their Eggs Florentine. Pictured below, this dish is again very flavoursome and consists of two halves of an English muffin topped with a poached egg, spinach and hollandaise sauce.

So when you’re next in the area, remember to give Fuzen a go – the sushi will most definitely not fail to deliver!

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