Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger Bites at Brewski

Poutine, Cocktails & Mac ‘N’ Cheese – what more could you possibly want in life?!

I’m excited to share with you my latest foodie discovery nestled in the streets of Chorlton (South Manchester), the ultimate destination for North American styled comfort food – Brewski.

Upon arrival, I was instantly hit by the overwhelming aroma of heavenly burgers on the grill with an overall real energetic vibe of the venue. Seriously guys – I knew this place was going to be a real naughty treat as soon as I caught a glimpse of the mouthwatering Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Classic Cocktails coming up…

We were soon greeted by a friendly/smiley waitress who seated myself and brother (who actually recommended this place from living close-by) along with his girlfriend and my other half + one more friend who came along too. The five of us all were all loving life as we assertively made our way to our reserved table, ready to devour a majority of the Brewski dishes one fine Sunday afternoon.

Brewski is renowned for its authentic array of rotating taps of craft beer, All American Brunch, Sunday Roasts, Classic Cocktails (such as the famous French Martini pictured above to please the non beer drinkers), and a whole lot of Mac ‘N’ Cheese specials.

Bring Your Appetite to Brewski.

Let’s start with the Poutine – a term not as commonly used in menus across the UK but a very simple dish I’m sure you’re all familiar with; chips with cheese curd and gravy. Originating from a Canadian province (Quebec), this dish is offered at Brewski in an array of unique styles, demonstrating the innovative and ‘All American’ styled cuisine.

The Poutine is advised to order as a starter as there’s such a multitude of Poutine dishes available; from the original chips with cheese & gravy Poutine to the Burger Poutine, Mushroom Poutine and even Pig Poutine. Priced at an affordable £5.50, I went for the No.1 ‘The Original’ dish – simply skin on chips with Beef, Veg Gravy & Cheese curd (image below).

A very hearty and comforting meal to kick-start the feast ahead!

Now on to my favourite section on the Brewski menu where the main courses takeover – the Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Again, offering an array of different ingredients with each Mac ‘N’ Cheese dish served, I tried out the No.3 Brewski Fried Chicken (£9). This dish consists of good old original Mac ‘N’ Cheese which is topped with buttermilk fried chicken, buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese sauce and spring onion – delicious.

Moving on to my next Mac ‘N’ Cheese dish, the classic No.4 Cheeseburger (£9).

This recipe is a saviour for all the McDonalds lovers out there – an ultimate comfort food dish consisting of the original Mac ‘N’ Cheese topped with ground beef, mature cheddar, gherkins and Brewski burger sauce. Simply unforgettable.

FYI I didn’t sit here just eating all of these main Mac ‘N’ Cheese dishes on my own by the way – I was dining with four others as mentioned earlier on… 

My boyfriend ordered the token burger choice as seen in the image below – classic! The Classic Brewski Double Cheeseburger was priced a little higher (in comparison to the Mac ‘N’ Cheese dishes) at £11, still very reasonable.

The Cheeseburger was accompanied with a salad stack, Brewski burger sauce and ketchup. Oh, and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders on the side – I think it’s fair to say none of us are on a diet…


The chicken tenders are priced within a similar bracket to the Poutine, and are served with either BBQ or Buffalo hot sauce – we went for the hot sauce, as a spicy kick is always a great shout with fried chicken.

Other Side Dishes consisted of equally filling and tasty options such as Halloumi Fries and Pork shoulder bites (£6); the deep fried pork shoulder is served with sweet chilli & lime sauce – another must-try side dish from Brewski.

All in all, the Brewski is a fantastic find for any foodie out there with its extremely satisfying, hearty All American styled food served in a casual dining environment in the trendy town of Chorlton. The menu offers an array of dishes to please everyone and I’ll most definitely be trialing out their platter boards and desserts on my next visit.

So when next in the area, make sure to give this place a go (only if you’re hungry!) and request to book a booth to get the best of your dining out experience with Brewski.


Monday-Wednesday: 4pm to Midnight

Thursday-Friday: 4pm to 1am

Saturday: 11am to 1am

Sunday: 11am to 11pm.




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