The buzz around the new Italian in Cheshire is real & it’s finally here!

Located in the heart of the luxurious Hale village, I’m pleased to now share with you my latest restaurant experience trialing out the menu & discovering the chic setting at the brand new Modern day Italian restaurant, Cibo.

With the finest ingredients the chefs at Cibo sure know how to conjure up hand-made pasta, pizzas, seafood and authentic meat dishes from Italy, which include the likes of tagliatelle, ravioli, lasagna, pizza dough bases, 10oz steaks – you name it they’ve got it!


The setting is filled with elegance and exudes that ‘dining’ out excitement as you walk through the entrance and the theatrical setting of this place sure delivers in terms of restaurant experience.


As you’ll see from my photographs above, first timers in this restaurant will naturally be drawn to the eye-catching centre-piece tree situated in the bar, which extends across the ceiling with the branches all covered in fairy lights.

The bustle around the bar area showcases the success of the restaurant as it’s clear there’s no issues filling a table in this place. I couldn’t wait to order my first cocktail and discover what the food was all about.

Food expectations of Cibo were high after my recent trip to Bologna; Italy’s food capital. From those of you who read my blog you’ll soon discover Italian cuisine is my absolute fave and it’s very difficult to forget the high quality of freshly made pasta from Italy.

The Menu

Greeted by a friendly Italian waiter, my two friends (also recently engaged), other half & I were all taken through to our reserved table for four. Instantly hit with the aromas of freshly cooked Italian food, I soon clocked a multitude of pasta-based dishes around us.

Starting with an Espresso Martini to set the mood of the evening, we were all gunning to go straight for a pasta/ risotto dish.

Considering the premium area, the prices were pretty average; not quite as high as you’d expect, to be fair. The pasta dishes averaged out between £10-£15, although it’s always the alcohol which then racks up the bill…

Pictured below, I went for the Linguine Pescatore; this came with Sicillian red prawns, king prawns, clams and mussels in rich shellfish bisque. Priced at £15.95 I felt I got my money’s worth (the wine always helps sway that view!); the mussels and pasta itself were both cooked perfectly and the sauce had just enough of a kick to carry the flavour of the bisque.


Our waiter was a true Italian which always adds to the authentic restaurant feel. With his friendly & proactive introduction, he soon prompted my friend to then go for the Penne Al Salmone. 

I helped myself to a mouthful and thoroughly enjoyed the creamy texture with the extra Parmesan sprinkled on top of the short penne pasta.

The more cheese the better!

Sat opposite, my other half stuck to his Bologna loyalty after our recent trip and ordered the Tagliatelle Al Ragu Di Cinghiale; Ragu being a specialty dish of Bologna where the famous dish originated.

The 6 hour slow cooked wild boar ragu came with marsala and black pepper, with a sprinkle of pecorino cheese. This was priced at £14.95 so again slightly the higher end of the pasta dishes on the menu; washed down with a beautiful full bodied Barolo red wine.



Now, it wouldn’t be a true Italian experience without a Limoncello shot!

Each served a fresh Limoncello shot, we found this a fantastic palate cleanser post meal and added to the positive vibes from the entire dining out experience.


All in all, Cibo sure lives up to the hype surrounding the new & contemporary place in town; the independent restaurant is ideal for any occasion.

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday
Open from 12.00 noon – 11.30pm

Lunch menu available from 12.00 noon – 4:00pm Monday to Saturday.

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