Where To Eat in London?

Who went to London over the Bank Holiday weekend? 🙋‍♀️

I always love May Bank Holiday – the buzz for ‘Summer Is Coming‘ is all around with that longing for your first White Wine Spritzer and G&T outside. With the annual good weather, this time of year means it’s anyone’s perfect excuse to venture out for a tasty bite to eat.

In a global city like London, we are spoilt by the cultural variety and quality of restaurants available. Fast approaching 2020, this generation is progressively getting all about the dining out experience.

Staying at my brothers over the weekend, we decided to do a ‘food crawl’ around London one fine Sunday along with my other half, strategically mapping out the best locations from brunch, to afternoon nibbles, drinks, dinner & inevitably dessert.

As expected, we didn’t make it very far without food and just had to stop at the first street food market in the Southbank Centre – a ‘grab & go’ approach for enjoying the leisurely walk along the Thames that little bit more.

30,000 steps and eight food stops in one day – I truly recommend to #EatOutMoore just as the name of my blog preaches. So take a read through tonight’s post to discover the best places to eat on your next trip to London – and yes, this can all be done in 24 hours…

1. Korrito – Southbank Street Food Market

Walk along the Thames (Southbank) with a Korean Rice Pot from the Street Food Market (@korritouk) at Southbank Centre. In the mood for freshly made Korean food, I had the sweet bulgogi beef on a bed of salad and spicy kimchi fried rice – heaven on a Sunday.

This market is any real foodie’s dream place to eat; there’s a food stand for everyone. Offering Korean food (my choice that day), Indian food, Thai & Chinese, British Food (the BEST Gourmet burgers), vegetarian stands, ice-cream, cakes, patisseries – the list just goes on and on.

With a wide selection of vibrant flavours and cuisines from all around the world (Europe, Asia, USA etc.), no wonder Southbank’s Food Market is one of London’s top food destinations!

What I also love about this place is the food tasters you get to sample out around a majority of the food stalls – so you don’t have to commit to a any particular dish too soon. 

The Curry Shack is one place which really stands out in my mind – they offer a fantastic Mild Mauritian Coconut for the sweet curry fans out there; highly recommend and the spicy dishes are #sohotrightnow!

2. Borough Market

On with the walk along the Thames and on to @boroughmarket for cheese & fresh baked bread tasters & iced tea! 🧀

Borough Market is another huge food market (as well as wholesale) in Southwark and is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London.

Again overwhelmed with the selection of cuisine to choose from, my number one stall ended up being L’Ubriaco Drunk Cheese; no surprises there being a cheese stand! Anything cheese related tends to get a high ranking in my eyes as a dedicated cheese lover. I’d recommend to stop by and enjoy the Ubriaco Classico – slightly tangy and creamy with a fruity after taste.

For a little context, L’Ubriaco Ubriaco cheese translates as ‘drunken‘ cheese, (hence the stall name), and originates from Treviso in Veneto, Italy; one of my favourite cities in Northern Italy.

You can head over to one of my previous blog posts on Borough Market to find out more about what else this Food Market has to offer.

3. Vinegar Yard

Keeping to a market style ‘brunch crawl’, we then went on for a quick vintage shop/early afternoon beverage at the Vinegar Yard which is situated next to The Shard; a fabulous street food & culture hub in London Bridge.

This place was packed with foodies and vintage shoppers, and particularly busy that Sunday being the Bank Holiday weekend. I was in my element at the Flea Market, bargaining a new pair of classic 70’s retro sun-glasses and thoroughly enjoyed meandering from jewellery stall to clothing stall.

The boys skipped the shopping section and I met them straight at the food stands; a huge outdoor seated area and greeted with a fruity Cider at the drinks stand next to Baba G’s Indian stand. Other food stalls consisted of Up in My Grill’s smashing steaks; Nanny Bill’s brilliant burgers; and many, many more – another great mini market housing something for everyone.

4. Viet Food

Next, leaving the street food market vibes and aiming for an Asian style sit down meal, pass by St. Paul’s and head straight through to Covent Garden for the most ‘iconic’ London route. Touch down in China Town for a little Vietnamese Tapas @vietfoodlondon.

Viet Food is a polished, modern take on Vietnamese street-food, served in a multi-level, casually chic & rustic setting.

The service at this place is exceptional; we were soon seated and immediately settled down to a Hanoi Beer and provided with Thai Prawn Crackers whilst deciding what to order.

Recommended Dishes:

  • Crispy home made Vietnamese spring rolls, £4.50
  • Saigon stir-fry duck breast with green papaya, £8.80
  • Deep-fried pork in chef special marinated sauce, £7.00
  • Chicken Vermicelli Rice Noodles (Side Dish).

Now, this all sounds like a lot of food so far in one day when we haven’t even got to dinner yet, but trust me – the calories are needed for this London walk/ ‘foodie’ crawl.

5. Bun House

To keep the energy levels up remaining in Soho town, it was time to stop for a pre-drinky sweet bun @8unhouse on Greek Street.

Make sure to order a Custard Bun for sweet & the Beef Bun for savoury!

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a fluffy steamed bun?! The more Cantonese styled the bun, the better…

6. Shackfuyu

Now for one of my favourite Izakaya-style Japanese restaurants (still in Soho!) – a perfect venue for either a sit down meal or perch up by the bar for a Matcha cocktail & famous soft Matcha ice cream on kinako french toast @shackfuyu.🍸

For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret of my newfound obsession for Matcha – coconut milk with Matcha green powder is my daily drink at work which is super tasty and helps keeps you energised when you feel you need that extra boost of energy in the afternoon.

To find out more on the main Shackfuyu menu for a full dining experience, enjoy a read through one of my previous food blog reviews here.

7. The Ritz

Now for a more fancy suggestion if celebrating a special occasion; we went on to meet a couple besties we met from that time my boyfriend & I decided to live in Norwich for a couple years… For our engagement surprise, our friends booked us a table for an evening Champagne & Nibbles stop at The Ritz.

This was the first time I’d visited The Ritz Hotel; considered one of the greatest hotels in the world from when it first opened all the way back in 1906 – a truly classic venue with tremendous history.

With a breath-taking surrounding in each and every room (especially the toilets!) the beautiful opulent interiors and lavish furnishings swept us away and was the perfect location to celebrate such a unique event. 

8. Circus

Now ending on my final food stop for a show-stopping and Asian inspired evening meal – introducing @circuslondon; again, another venue to save for a special occasion 🙌🥢💃

With six of us now seated (post Champagne drinks at The Ritz), the Set Menu was priced at £65 pp; expensive for the portion sizes but the food was such high quality & very memorable we found this very justifiable.


  • Edamame Beans on Ice (V)(G)


  1. Anna – that was excellent – so professional and extremely informative. It saves so much research time for us and cuts us straight places to go.
    Well done – Keith

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