Lunchin’ at Pier Eight’s Waterside Terrace

Introducing our recent press & blogger invite to Pier Eight‘s newly opened Waterside Terrace Restaurant & Bar, located in the centre of Salford Quays.

Launched as the new Waterside Terrace at The Lowry’s stylish restaurant and bar, I was invited to try out the new Summer lunchtime menu. With a selection of scotch eggs, mini cheese burgers and a variety of salmon & pesto spreads on bruschetta, I knew my two guests and I would be in for a treat.

Now we’re well into our British Summer, this place is the perfect spot to sit back and soak up the sun. Overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal, the event was hosted well and taken to the next level once we were serenaded by Manchester’s very own Rob King, a previous semi-finalist (2019) of the famous Britain’s Got Talent TV Show.

And in the words of the Executive Head Chef, Oliver Thomas;

The new menu is perfect for a lunchtime treat or a business meeting.

What made the experience even more unique was our pre-arranged tour around the secret rooftop garden, whereby we discovered the restaurant’s most freshest ingredients and plants grown within the vicinity.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the natural herbs, flowers and vegetables all utilised within the restaurant’s seasonal menu.

Serving modern British cuisine, it was interesting to see exactly where some of the flavours originated as we visited the rooftop garden; from the likes of borage, nasturtium, mint, sage, fennel and cornflower – all being grown in recycled pots.

After the climb back down to safety (idyllic even though I ventured up the mini ladder onto the terrace in 4 inch wedges!) we couldn’t help but look forward to a refreshing beverage to wash down all this food from the Summer menu…

Swayed by a very welcoming gin stand back out on the Waterside Terrace, we sampled their Limited Edition ‘Pride’ fruit & ginger gin which was brought in by the local suppliers, the 4 Sisters, who are the actual sisters of the the Seven Brothers brewery, another local supplier in Manchester.

We also tried out the Caramel Espresso gin; to be fair, we were initially warned against this gin due to the allegedly overpowering coffee taste but not so much tasty Espresso Martini vibes like how you’d imagine. Though some people may like this, I stuck with my fruit & ginger gin, supposedly the much more popular choice.

All in all, we found the event a huge success and would definitely recommend trying out the new menu over a lunch stop when next in the area – small plates & British cuisine brought to life amongst the restaurant’s very own ‘home-grown’ unique rooftop garden.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm

Saturday to Sunday 12pm – 7.30pm



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