Harvey’s Restaurant

Introducing the recent restaurant opening in the heart of Stockton Heath village, Harvey’s Restaurant, Bar & Grill.

Predominantly serving premium traditional British fayre, this restaurant also offers a hint of pan-Asian, my perfect combo from well cooked steaks to classic duck pancakes.

As a first timer in Stockton Heath, I was surprised to have only discovered yet another leafy Cheshire village that exudes a ‘going out’ buzz. Home to a number of modern bars and restaurants, Harvey’s is set in the ideal location for an evening filled with drinks & great food.


And so I received my invite to review the newly opened restaurant & trial out the menu from the lovely owner Pamela, who also owns & hosted last year’s blogger event which I attended at Mr Lau’s restaurant nearby (specialising in Dim Sum & Chinese street food – again, on par with my most desired taste buds)…

Jumping at the chance to try out this menu, my guest & I were booked in last Thursday evening, one sunny Summer’s night.

7pm was soon upon us and we were greeted by a red carpet entrance leading up to the first floor open-floored restaurant at Harvey’s.

As a heads up, lets just say you’ll most definitely be getting your money’s worth at this place. The restaurant’s young & talented chef sure lived up to his allegedly passionate and creative cooking style, as we were served traditional good tasting wholesome dishes (and very hefty portion sizes!)


We were recommended the Sesame Prawn Toast and Salt & Pepper King Prawns, going with the Pan Asian theme of the evening.

The Sesame Prawn Toast was served on a buttered brioche loaf and cooked to perfection; the ideal mix of that ‘toasty’ crunch you’d hope for (without the greasiness I’ve previously experienced from Chinese take-aways I’m sure you’ve all been through) and just enough prawn ratio in the dish.


The Prawn Toast is priced at £8.95 which is pretty average for the starters on the menu; all ranging from £4.95 up to £12.95 (most expensive being the Crispy Duck Pancakes).

The Salt & Pepper King Prawns dish (also £8.95) consists of crispy tempura king prawns served with Cheshire honey chilli dip. The Salt & Pepper really adds flavour to this dish so I would definitely suggest to have a dip in both pots & have a squeeze of the lemon for a burst of balance to the palate.


I could not wait to get my taste buds tingling for the Monkfish Red Curry!

Though I’d often go for a Steak on a menu such as Harvey’s, I kept in line with the Asian cuisine section and soon devoured the curry pictured below. This dish came with king prawns, scallops, and steamed fragrant rice (£16.95).

Oh, and the white wine you may have clocked in the background of my food pics, is the House White which is a very light and refreshing Spanish wine. Highly recommend.

My guest opted for the Duck L’Orange (another favourite of mine) which came with sautéed english greens and mini buttered carrots. Another meal which did not fail to deliver. 


Now for my guest Emma’s favourite course – PUDDING TIME!

We simply could not refuse to order the Profiteroles which came with chocolate ganache and pistachio ice cream



The chocolate ganache worked like a dream with the pistachio ice cream, the best flavour (in my opinion) to be positioned between the profiteroles of heaven.

Next – you can’t leave a restaurant without ordering a chocolate brownie…

And so we also ordered the Peanut Butter chocolate brownie which was accompanied with salted caramel ice cream. Again, another ice-cream flavour you can’t live without.


To finish our dining out experience, we were treated to drinks in the bar area.

After quite a heavy (though delicious) 3 course meal, it was time for a light Mojito – classic ingredients I’m sure you’re all familiar with; mint, lime, cane sugar, lemonade etc. You can select your final ingredient personalising your own Mohito so we went with the classic elderflower – very refreshing.


A massive thank you again to Harvey’s restaurant for hosting myself & bestie for the entire evening; fantastic service, incredible food (unforgettable pistachio profiteroles!) and highly refreshing cocktails to end our girls night out.

We were left two very happy ladies and looking forward to the next visit!

Opening Hours

Quality local products served EVERY DAY from 12 noon.


*I was very kindly invited to review this venue, food & cocktail menu for two by the lovely owners at Harvey’s; all opinions are my very own.

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