Williams Bakery: Handbaked Biscuits & Cakes

For all those who have a sweet tooth, I think you’re going to like my latest brand story on a local business specialising in proudly baked biscuits and cakes, situated in Lancashire.

Established over TWENTY YEARS AGO, it’s time to take a read through today’s blog post and find out all about the tale of Williams Handbaked Biscuits and Cakes, with it’s legendary legacy and longstanding accomplishment of making and baking the tastiest treats to get you through the day. 

Founded by Valerie Williams, Williams Handbaked sold traditional tarts and cakes on Lancashire farmers markets. To complement her offering, Val developed a range of homemade biscuits, hence the blossoming of the Biscuit/Cake combo.

There’s no surprise to find Val’s biscuits soon became a hit and found herself retailing the home-baked selection into farm shops, delis, cafes, garden centres, a limited selection in Booths and lastly my most favourite avenue to purchasing local produce – food festivals and events across the country. 

Producers of high quality, tasty biscuits.

Williams’ bakery is based on the Docklands in Preston, Lancashire, where the business originated and is very much a family affair with the day-to-day runnings handed over to Val’s son, Thomas, with support from Val’s daughter-in-law, Katie. 

ALL of the hand-baked products are still made and packed manually with the utmost care and attention by the small bakery team, using only the finest ingredients.

Now for the good stuff – BESTSELLERS!

I was delighted to be gifted an ultimate Favourites Box by Williams, as recommended by the team being their bestseller so it was nice to experience what everyone’s talking about! 

The Favourites Box is packed with a concoction of treats including the Milk Chocolate Ginger Biscuits and Milk Chocolate Oat Biscuits, along with their Caramel Slice, Sticky Ginger Cake and All Butter Shortbread.

Here’s a snapshot of my recent delivery – imagine starting your bank holiday weekend with the arrival of this…

There’s something very satisfying about the soft and crumbly texture to the buttery oat biscuits half dipped in a chocolate coating; perfect with a hot cuppa.

Oh, and the Eccles Cakes… just try them! These consist of Williams’ very own special fruit mixture soaked in butter and cinnamon, encased in a flaky pastry and baked until golden brown. For any additional happiness to your life, these are a must…

Make sure to keep an eye out on @williamsbaked as they’re going through a brand refresh to keep a smile on your face! 

Oh, and the best most direct place to get your very own Williams Handbaked Biscuits and Cakes is on williamshandbaked.co.uk/shop, the online destination for ordering delicious, high quality products made for your desire. 

Let’s end this review with an image of the Williams’ milk chocolate caramel slice, another phenomenal crumble which is a real crowd pleaser! Simply divine.

One thought on “Williams Bakery: Handbaked Biscuits & Cakes

  1. Hi bought these milk chocolate oat biscuits from Stratford food festival, where else can I buy theses from, I live in Redditch.
    They were delicious x


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