Looking for a new & healthy, nutritious yet super scrummy granola snack?

Good. Let me fill you in on my latest brand discovery as I am officially, all over, Rollagranola!

I’m always on the look-out for a healthy breakfast/snack combo and was delighted to receive my latest blogger bundle from Rollagranola’s hand-picked range across 6 of their best-selling flavours:

  • Healthy Hazelnut
  • Awesome Almond
  • Matcha Caveman
  • California Walnut
  • Zesty Caveman
  • Cool Raspberry.

But first, here’s a little background into Rollagranola’s brand story…

Back in 2014, Robin Longden started making granola in his home kitchen. As a father of three, it was tricky business for Robin to make tasty HEALTHY granola and so after countless experiments and combinations – he got there!

After a couple years of local farmer’s market and various London markets, a Gift Food Company spotted Rollagranola and presented an irresistible opportunity. Robin soon had to adapt to a much larger demand to the product and officially set up their factory in Hertfordshire, Rollagranola’s HQ. The venue also required enough space to expand on the brand’s nutty creations, now formally known as ‘The Nuthouse’!

What was once a one-man band today is a team of eight, including Robin’s son Sean, making Rollagranola a business with family at its heart.

As a HUGE Matcha fan, I have got to just shout out my personal favourite – the ‘Matcha Caveman’ fruit granola; the perfect health-kick breakfast to start your day alongside a Yorkshire cuppa.

Of course, Rollagranola’s premium price point (£4.99) is enforced in the high end quality of the product and the brand values as outlined below:

  • Nuts are the most important part of the product and will be a main ingredient in all products (products contain 19%-44% nuts)
  • No refined sugar – fruit will only be used to sweeten where it can be
  • Flavour is a must
  • Products will be inherently healthy
  • Customers come first – all products have been developed around what customers asked for
  • Environmental awareness.

So… Where can you buy it?

Rollagranola can now be found online at Amazon and Ocado and also on the shelves of London heath food haven, Planet Organic. More recently, they have partnered with cafes across the UK and teamed up with other artisan food producers such as Crosstown.

Their product range has also expanded dramatically to include Vegan and Oat-Free Paleo granolas, alongside a unique savoury snack collection titled Rollasnax. Nevertheless, the Rollagranola family ethos remains:

To providing high-quality, completely natural and honest products, packed with the highest levels of nuts, seeds and fruit for a flavoursome energy boost!

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