Fowlers Cheese Makers

Cheese fan? Thought so!

You may want to stick with me through this post to find out all about my latest blog piece dedicated to a local cheese company, especially being one of my favourite categories and all…

I am delighted to have received my first local selection of cheeses from the long-standing Cheese specialists in Solihull – introducing, Fowlers Cheese Makers.

The oldest Cheese Makers in England, Since 1670.

Fowlers Cheese Makers started in 1670 and is currently owned by Adrian Fowler. The business’ unique story is that they’re the oldest cheese makers in England and since 1670 have dabbled in making butter and pasteurising milk. For over fourteen generations, the Fowler family has been producing predominantly traditional Derby cheeses.

Fowlers now solely make cheese but are also distributors of other cheese, cream, and butter brands. They send 3 vans out four days a week supplying small deli businesses, butchers, corner shops, caterers, and larger companies.

Having the option of what cheese to review from Fowlers was not an easy decision to make, with the brand offering such an array of different cheeses ranging from classic mild/mature types to more seasoned, exotic flavours.

I decided to keep safe with an Extra Mature creamy cheese, and the Black Cracked Pepper as this naturally lends itself to a classic cheese board combo with crackers and a glass of red/ prosecco. I also found the Black Pepper cheese looked most appealing with it’s crunch texture.

Both cheeses are hard pressed with a closed texture and medium aroma, of course flavoured as the product names both state – seasonal and a spicy black pepper flavour.

Some of Fowlers signature cheeses have stayed the same since they started producing all the way back in 1670, such as the Sage Derby that is layered in a traditional derby style. Their cheddar style cheeses consist of the following four types:

  • Mild
  • Mature
  • X Mature 
  • XXX Mature 

The above cheeses are all the same recipe but are kept for different periods of time, hence the differing strength levels.

As a little insight into the Cheese making process, Fowlers’ flavoured cheeses have the flavouring added when the cheese is in curd form (straight from the VAT); this way, when they’re maturing to around 4-5 months, the flavours spread throughout the cheese.

Of course, the stronger the cheese, the more flavoursome.

You can buy all of Fowlers cheeses on their very own website whereby their stockists are also displayed.  

So pick a cheese and leave a comment at the bottom of this post re your favourite type!

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