Fruits of the Forage

Today is all about an extremely sustainable preserves led brand with one of my favourite stories out of all the independent business discoveries to date – welcome to Fruits of the Forage;  a local family owned company ran by two brothers & their mother.

Finding Flavours in the Wild.

Founded in 2014, Fruits of the Forage preserve a taste of the British landscape. At the heart of the company are the eldest Thorneycroft brothers Bert & Fred who are guided by their mother, Claire. Fred and his brother simply knew they could put ingredients to good use; once valued crops have been forgotten leaving heritage orchards across the country in decay.

The brothers at Fruit of the Forage were determined to champion these forgotten fruits before they are lost forever. Reaching out into the community they’ve established a foraging map stretching across England and Wales.

They are determined to work alongside farmers and stewards of the land to revitalise old orchards and plant fruit trees in new orchards and hedgerows. By preserving this botanical heritage, they hope to create habitats for wildlife and ensure the flavours found in the wild remain for future generations.

I could not wait to try out their famous Fruit & Veg Box and was delighted upon receiving my recent blogger send out – take a peek through all their suggested fresh ingredients photographed below;

As you can see, I’ve been spoiled with a wide selection of fresh veg including mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions and some fruit essentials such as apples, bananas and pears, alongside a few of their ‘Great Taste’ local Jams and Chutneys.

Inspired by the plethora of produce within the gifting box , I was eager to crack on with multiple soup recipes utilising the Fruit of the Forage’s freshest of ingredients such as a classic Mushroom & Garlic Soup dish, to a Carrot & Herb Soup and of course a hearty Vegetable Soup which goes down perfectly with chicken stock and a spoonful of butter for the base.

At Fruits of the Forage we gather fruit that would otherwise go to waste from abandoned orchards and forgotten fruit trees around England and Wales. We match these beautiful heritage fruits with wild foraged plants to create an award winning range of preserves and cordials, capturing a unique and sustainable taste of the British landscape.

Why do customers LOVE their products?

Original recipes made wild with ingredients such as wild garlic, ground elder, sweet cecily and hogweed.
Quality – 10 x Great Taste Awards. High fruit content & clean label using traditional cooking fruit varieties.
Source heritage fruits & wild ingredients only accessible through their foraging explorations; from traditional orchards, wild places & hedgerows.
Sustainable approach to food production gathering wild ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.
Orchard Conservation – Preventing the loss of traditional orchards.
✔Planted 800 heritage fruit trees
 finding and saving traditional fruit varieties.

So what’s stopping you? SHOP LOCAL NOW from the guys who bring new flavours to the market; Fruit, Veg & Sustainable Led Preserves – all your weekly essentials.

Spreading the love of foraging and helping people to nurture nature.

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