Haughton Honey

Today we say hello to July with an introduction to my latest sweet discovery – it doesn’t get more local than the raw honey coming straight from the hive.

As a Cheshire based family run business, Haughton Honey is a leading supplier across the UK of 100% pure English honey.

Now let’s get sticky…

I was delighted to be recommended by the owner himself to review Haughton Honey’s classic English Wildflower Honey Jar (£5.95 RRP) and their more recent English Wildflower Honey infused with CBD, positioned at a more premium price point of £29.95.

English Wildflower Honey Jar:

Haughton Honey’s 100% pure and raw English Wildflower honey contains traces of dandelion, lime, chestnut, blackberry, clover and the nectar from other wildflowers collected throughout Spring and Summer. It’s cold extracted and coarse filtered to ensure that it contains lots of lovely pollen too.

I LOVE the runny honey texture and sweet taste which can accompany just about any dish! Aside from my standard morning Honey & Butter on toast ritual (including a touch of cinnamon if I’m feeling fancy), I’ve started using a spoonful to drizzle over my recent home-baked cooking, i.e. the latest Banana & Blueberry (GIANT) Flapjack which I casually made one morning..

English Wildflower Honey with CBD:

Now for Haughton Honey’s long-time favourite wildflower honey; this one is fresh from the fields and hedgerows across England, infused with British CBD.

The CBD honey contains terpenes and MCT oil; fully independently laboratory tested and certified.

*A note regarding the CBD honey – it takes a few days to get in to your system. Haughton Honey suggest to take x2 tsp each day, ideally in the evening.

I’ve been having this in my Earl Grey before bed which has seriously improved my sleeping cycle.

Every jar is different depending upon where the bees and apiaries are located, what time of year it is and what types of flowers the bees are collecting their nectar and pollen from.

It’s Spring and Summer in a jar!

Suitable for all meal occasions, I’ve been mixing up both honey types to dress my porridge fruit bowls whilst working from home – so instagrammable

Haughton Honey supply a natural, pure and wholesome alternative to sweet things (‘nasties’ free) and their honey is only filtered to 200 microns, which means that it still contains all of that wonderful pollen.

Oh, and it’s suitable for vegetarians so you have half the world covered.

Support our local businesses today with shopping Haughton Honey here – once you taste the difference, there’s no going back!

We were born out of a nation’s growing appetite for pure, natural foods and honey is the food that we love and live for.

– Haughton Honey’s values.

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