Lovingly Artisan

Best Baker of the Year 2020!

Who loves freshly baked bread? Lovingly Artisan has the bread business sliced, living up to its stylish sourdough selection and Marketing its core brand values as a specialist, independent family-run sourdough bakery.

Using heritage grain and long natural fermentation, baker Aidan Monks creates beautiful, award winning bread as follows.

Bread With Northern Soul.

Also winners of the National Bakery of the Year 2019, Lovingly Artisan’s bread is all about blending their flours boldly with impact, flavour and taste in mind. Each sourdough loaf has its own unique characteristics; appearance, aroma, flavour and structure.

And for all the Market food stall fans looking for a local shop, Lovingly Artisan’s bakeries are located in Kendal (Cumbria) & Altrincham Market.

Let’s talk Grain…

Heritage grains are the heart and soul of Lovingly Artisan’s approach to artisan sourdough. Having a relationship with their farmer, miller and his harvest is one of the fundamental factors in what makes Lovingly Artisan’s sourdough recipes SO unique.

Now for some Sour insights; Lovingly Artisan shares a real understanding and connection with their leaven, which they created 30 years ago from a handful of organic raisins. Over time it has developed its complexities, characteristics, aroma and its robust ability to leaven all their daily breads.

The owners believe that the lactic fermentation within their leaven is the essence of health and well-being. Who knew bread could be so tasty AND healthy?! Lovingly Artisan’s sourdough breads are a product of this ancient method of preparing and preserving foods…

Thrilled to have Lovingly Artisan as my first Artisan Bread brand collaboration, I was delighted to have recently been gifted a selection of their latest seasonal sourdough to review.

Introducing my top 3 favourites:

1) ORGANIC PAIN DE CAMPAGNE – French Sourdough, the classic weekly bread essential you need in your life…

2) CHEESE & MARMITE SOURDOUGH – A cheeky cheesy number!
If you love your cheese, YOU will LOVE this SOURDOUGH. A marmite fan or not, it’s all about the flavour and power of the cheese in this Sourdough.

3) DANISH RUGBRØD – Living the BEST HYGGE LIFE with Lovingly Artisan’s deliciously healthy Sourdough; containing organic rye flour with Bran, Linseed and Rye Berries. A truly unique and special Sourdough.  

I found with this particular bread selection, they are pretty much ALL adaptable to be served any time, any day – whether it’s alongside your breakfast, brunch or lunch…

Artisan Baker, Aidan, thrives on adopting old methods with a new way of thinking; such as utilising raw milks, ancient heritage grains and double fermentation within their breads.

And the creative flair in the family doesn’t stop there; Aidan’s wife Catherine Connor is also Lovingly Artisan’s brand food stylist and co-founder of the bakery.

Just when you think a ‘Best Baker of The Year’, creative storyteller and food stylist would be enough for driving a unique brand story within the family, Aidan & Catherine’s daughter, Ailish, also shares a passion for photography and maintains the heritage in the artisan bakery.

So as a lover of fresh baked bread, Lovingly Artisan’s food stall is officially my new happy place to visit on a Saturday morning – bright & early!

Make sure to select the right bread for your lifestyle and shop local now, directly at http://www.lovinglyartisan.com/.


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