Tempo Tea Bar

If you haven’t yet joined the Bubble Tea craze, it’s time to get clued up now with Tempo Tea Bar’s tasty & fun Boba Tea selection.

Read on to discover all about Scotland’s BEST Boba Tea shop; and as a half Scot, I can back that statement after kindly being gifted one of their best selling Bubble Tea Home Kits – SO easy to make guys!

What’s in my Boba? Tempo Home Kits include:
– Bubble straws
– Flavoured powder sachets (i.e. Cookies & Cream )
– Teabags (essential for the pre brew to simply mix with everything else)
– Toppings (i.e. Cherry)
– Instruction Guide Booklet.

*All vegan friendly and all teas have NO added sugar! They’re lightly sweetened with Stevia and Monkfruit sweetener.

Oh, and you can currently get 10% off at check out with my exclusive code EATOUTMOORE10.

So… how do you make you own delicious Tempo Bubble Tea?

It’s simple. You just follow the 4 steps with my ingredients above and you’re good to go:

  1. Choose your drink (i.e. Bubble Tea – brew the tea either fresh as a warm drink or leave to cool and add ice for an iced version)
  2. Choose your style
  3. Choose your topping
  4. Add extras.

Fruit Tea toppings vary from Strawberry Poppin Boba flavours, to Lychee,  Passionfruit, Mango, Apple, Cherry – pretty much all the fruity type flavours you can think of. The Milk Tea options have more smooth base variants such as original milk, Matcha, Chocolate,Vanilla and Caramel.

There’s also additional supplements you can add to boba tea such as caffeine, multivitamins, protein etc. You name it – Tempo Tea Bar has it!

*With either a serve 3, 6 or 9 kit you can make enough for you and your friends to have very own Boba Tea party!

And just when you think Bubble Tea’s enough excitement for one day, it doesn’t stop at Tempo Tea Bar there. You can discover their full produce ranging from drinks, at home party kits, gifts and even clothing!

About  The Brand:

Now for a little insight into the roots of the independent business; Tempo Tea Bar came about in 2013 when founder May Gem decided that  the investment banking sector wasn’t for her, and she just KNEW there was more to life than being cooped up in an office.

After spotting the famous Bubble Tea down in London just as the trend was kicking off, May Gem decided to launch the first Bubble Tea store in Scotland. Having experienced such high growth for the brand, Tempo Tea Bar now wouldn’t define themselves as simply a Bubble Tea store but more a diverse drinks bar that whatever your Tempo is, they will literally help you find the perfect drink.

At Tempo we believe in growth, creativity, contribution and community. We strive for excellent standards but we’re not trying to be “perfect”.

Our vision is to create an honest and safe space for our customers and local partners to come to.  We aim to use our business to inspire and implement solutions so we can contribute positively to people’s lives, our cities and our planet.

– Tempo Tea Bar Values.

Remember to claim your 10% off at check out with my exclusive code EATOUTMOORE10. Enjoy!

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