Hay Charcuterie

Hello September – it’s time to welcome the gradual transition into Autumn months with my latest discovery on THE Artisan Producers of British Charcuterie; Hay Charcuterie.

Hay Charcuterie is owned and run by Chef & Charcutier Rod Lewis & his wife Rachael. Rod’s inspiration as an accomplished Chef and trained Charcutier helped put the spotlight upon a successful completion of two advanced Salumi courses in Italy, when he converted an outbuilding at his family home near Hay-on-Wye into a fully functioning kitchen and charcuterie… And voila! A business was born.

All of Hay Charcuterie products are hand-crafted in small batches using high welfare, local, rare breed pork and premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality possible; and upon a recent gifted selection of their finest meats, I can sure back that statement on the high quality of salami & cured meats.

To tie in with a Spanish charcuterie theme, Hay Charcuterie selected a few of their hero products for myself to review; the Herefordshire Cider Chorizo, Lomo Embuchado & the Sobrasada Rodrigo:

  • Lomo Embuchado – A Spanish style pork loin cured and air-dried & flavoured with garlic and smoked paprika.
  • Sobrasada Rodrigo – A Majorcan style spreadable salami made using Rod’s secret spice blend; a tasty chorizo vibe!
  • Herefordshire Cider Chorizo – Hay Charcuterie’s regional take on a traditional Spanish style salami made with Herefordshire Cider.

Of course you can buy any of their produce online here, or if you’re local, you can visit their occasional stall at Hay-on-Wye Thursday Market and can also take a trip out to one of their numerous Farmers Markets and Food Festivals throughout the year – my favourite way to shop local!

Hay Charcuterie’s Mission;

As proud supporters of the Slow Food movement we believe that the best food comes from animals and land that have been respected. Low food miles, sustainability and only the best quality ingredients belong in the food we eat with minimal processing and zero unnecessary additives.

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