Roebuck Inn’s ‘Just Heat’

I am delighted to share with you this November, the latest lockdown menu from one of my ‘go-to’ local eateries from the Cheshire Cat Club & Pubs; Cheshire’s finest pubs within the area.

In case you didn’t know all six establishments, you can discover all Cheshire Cat restaurants below:

  • The Bulls Head
  • The Cholmondeley Arms
  • The Three Greyhounds Inn
  • The Church Inn
  • Roebuck Inn
  • The Fitzherbert Arms.

For all my foodie followers local to the area, I imagine you would have experienced at least one of these venues amongst the leafy Cheshire villages. Today, I’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about the Roebuck Inn and their exciting plans for us to take their pub home, as a silver lining during the UK’s second national ‘lockdown’.

Roebuck Inn

The Roebuck is an award winning inn situated in the lovely parish of Mobberley. Back in 2016, the Roebuck re-opened its doors with new owners Mary Mclaughlin and Tim Bird who had acquired the restaurant and restored it as a ‘petit hotel and bistro’ within a classic old English inn. With six rustic boutique bedrooms (super lush!), terraces and tiered gardens, an intimate bar/ restaurant area, this place is one of my Cheshire faves for well-cooked comfort food in a candle-lit & chic, country setting.

The Roebuck Inn offers classic bistro dishes all freshly prepared by their Head Chef, Andrew, and his team. As part of the Cheshire Cat Club & Pubs, I am pleased to report all about the Roebuck’s NEW ‘Just Heat’ menu which is open all throughout the second lockdown wave this 2020.

Just Heat Dishes – Bringing the Pub Home…

Just Heat

As well as having the pub-hub and wine shops open, you can now take the pub home with you with the Roebuck’s ‘Just Heat’ meals and local produce.

I was thrilled to have recently been given the opportunity to review a few pub classics from the latest ‘Just Heat’ menu; I hope you’re ready for this…


Of course with an array of the tempting pub classics, I just had to go with my gut instinct and select the dishes which also happened to be the best sellers from the menu.

  1. Roebuck Inn’s Beef Bourguignon with Dauphinoise Potatoes

2. The Legendary Handcrafted Steak and Wobbly Mobberley Ale Pie, Massey’s Farm Chips, mushy peas and gravy.

So let’s start with the Steak & Ale Pie; comfort food at its best.

The tender juicy cuts of beef have been carefully marinaded in a rich ale and slow-cooked to produce a tantalizing flavour, intertwined within a crust of pastry designed to dazzle and delight.

Now on to the Beef Bourguignon; another tender meat success accompanied in the tastiest stew.

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary stew – Full of wine infused beef which has its flavour fully exposed to a back drop of well seasoned, cheesy Dauphinoise potatoes which simply melt in the mouth.


With the Roebuck’s wine shop being in full swing, this place has a huge advantage with its wide array of wines and ales to accompany the deliciously freshly prepared dishes.

With a red meats focused main course selection, I was personally recommended an Italian Sweet & Spicy Red Wine, named Appassimento. Not only was this wine light (and moreish!), I loved the fact I hadn’t tried this before and would most definitely suggest this selection for accompanying a classic beef dish.


I knew dessert was going to be a treat, so I took myself and other half into ‘the good room’ for experiencing the Roebuck’s at-home pub pudding classics. Anyone else do this kind of thing? …

So we have the sweet duo dreams below:

1. Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce

2. Sticky Toffee Pudding with a Toffee Sauce.

I always find you’re either a Sticky Toffee person or a Chocolate Brownie person when it comes to the split decision when dining out; my number one has always been Sticky Toffee as you can never go wrong with that one, but I have to say the Brownie was equally as enjoyable. A very dense and moist texture which is just how I like my Brownies!

Of course, both desserts came with fresh cream poured over the simple ‘re-heat’ to ‘just eat’.

The delivery service was super sharp and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to simply place all courses in the oven under the Roebuck’s clear cooking instructions accompanied with the ‘ready to heat‘ freshly prepped meals; the quality of food really makes you feel that special

dining experience and very much worth the price, taking the pub home with you.

All other dishes from the ‘Just Heat’ menu can be found here:

The Roebuck’s ‘Pub Hub’ Shop

So at the start of lockdown, the Roebuck had created a ‘Pub Hub’ as previously touched on, and by popular demand, the ‘Hub’ still operates and features a ‘local produce shop’, a wine shop, ‘Just Heat’ meals to go as reviewed above, takeaway fish & chips on Fridays and a takeaway Ale and Beer shop.

The Roebuck’s Local Produce Shop includes their famous Butcher’s Sausages, Claire Burt’s Blue Cheese, Sourdough Bread, Alderley Edge Honey, Sapling Farm Eggs, Farm Apple Juice and a whole lot more. As a food blogger predominantly promoting local producers & food artisans across the UK, I’m always in my element with a multi mix of local ingredient led menus which utilise the best quality foods and freshest produce from supporting our local businesses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read with a little ‘at home’ takeaway dining inspiration for bringing the Roebuck’s pub experience home with you.

Oh, and you can also pre-order wine and their takeaway ale too, just in case you’re feeling that little bit ‘extra’ this lockdown.

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