Clotton Hall Dairy

In the midst of a brand New Year, I am thrilled to announce a brand new product launch from the local suppliers at Clotton Hall Dairy. The home of multi-award winning Cheshire Clotted Cream.

As a little background to Clotton Hall Dairy, the family run business is run in the heart of Cheshire by young entrepreneur Henry Cooke. Founded in 2017, it has been phenomenally growing ever since as proven through achieving several awards such as the Great Taste Award Winner in 2018.

Clotton Hall Dairy pride themselves on creating a luxury Clotted Cream product from the high-quality milk they get from their free-range cows. After researching the best breeds for the best taste, the dairy now have Danish Red, Jersey, Holstein Friesian and a few others. The recipe and cooking time, as those of you who watched their latest feature on Countryfile (BBC shout out) will know, is still a closely guarded secret!

Of course, clotted cream lends itself to a spectacular Afternoon Tea with jam and scones; as pictured above, the jam was gifted from another local supplier I’ve previously reviewed, Rosebud Preserves, who have the most amazing condiments which go perfectly well with Clotton Hall Dairy’s cream.

I also teamed up with a fabulous local Wedding Cake designer, Fiona Hackshall, who now also supplies Clotton Hall Dairy. We hosted an Afternoon Tea giveaway featuring the famous cream as shared below – any foodie’s dream win;

After Clotton Hall Dairy firmly established the success of their clotted cream within the dairy market, I am delighted to have been asked to review their latest complementary product, which the team have been working hard on executing over the past few months; introducing, Clotton Hall Dairy’s NEW Fresh Luxury Custard.

Clotton Hall Dairy’s custard is the perfect pudding accompaniment, using their fresh farm milk and the best ingredients to make the most complete custard you have ever tried! Photographed above, I found it best to utilise both their clotted cream and vanilla based custard with hot cherries, all poured into a pastry tart. Delicious.

The smooth luxury custard is packed with vanilla and proving the perfect accompaniment for several desserts. Another capture below of sweet inspiration from topping raspberries with both the cream and custard;

And last month sure was the season to review…

Clotton Hall Dairy have several stockists amongst the local Cheshire farm shops such as The Hollies Farm Shop, Cheerbrook, Booths, and many, many more.

Make sure to head over to their website here to track down your nearest store and get your sweet fix on to chirp through the January Blues.

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