Calder’s Kitchen

Spring vibes are officially out thanks to this season’s sunshine and flavoursome jarred pickles from Calder’s Kitchen – producers of award-winning piccalilli; supplying independent retailers, restaurants & cafes, pubs & hotels and online. 

As a little background to Calder’s Kitchen, the small independent business was founded by husband and wife team Andrew and Anne-Marie Calder in 2015. They started making Piccalilli in their family kitchen after discovering Andrew’s late Granddad, Charlie’s favourite family recipe and deciding to ‘give it a go’.

For those who love a relish or new to the world of Piccalilli, Calder’s ‘Starter Pack’ is the safest introduction to pickle mania as the set includes all three flavours to test your taste buds; Traditional Piccalilli, Chillililli and Sillylilli.


Each jar of Calder’s Piccalilli is packed full of crunchy vegetables with a perfect balance of sweetness and pickle. It’s the way piccalilli used to be; a wonderfully versatile pickle that can be enjoyed all year around and in my case, the perfect picnic setting.

*Gluten Free, Vegan and Low in Fat (same for the Chillililli and Sillylilli to follow…)


The Chillililli is also based on Grandad Charlie’s traditional Piccalilli with a delicious, but subtle sweet chilli glow.

Enjoy a hint of scotch bonnet alongside the sweetness & pickle.


Third and finally, Sillylilli is a unique product to Calder’s Kitchen.

Based on Grandad Charlie’s traditional recipe and packed full of crunchy vegetables, Sillylilli has been described by some as ‘Piccalilli with attitude’! Get your chilli fix with the heat and flavour mix from the following ingredients; Scotch Bonnet, Habanero and a hot madras curry base.

Having reviewed the trio of pickles above, I’ve come to the conclusion the more sweetness & pickle options for a charcuterie spread, the better! 

Calder’s Kitchen currently stock approximately 130 fantastic independent food & drink across the UK and cover a wide range of food events throughout the year (when it is safe to do so!).

Pick your pickle today and head to their website here to explore your own relish desires with #FREE UK shipping.

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