Easy Cheazy Picnic Box


Nothing sums up Summer snacks more than an Easy Cheazy Picnic Box!

I’ve been a woman on a mission to trial the ultimate picnic platter, especially with a post Covid world arising and the sudden shift in socialising again – no better way to celebrate than with food & wine whilst soaking up the gorgeous English weather.

Let’s fill you in on Cheaze before we get to the Picnic Box…

About Cheaze:

A long-standing business dating all the way back to 1884, Bradburys Cheese has been sourcing the highest quality cheeses from around the world. During the pandemic, Bradburys launched Cheaze; a subscription box service and cheese box service offering cheese makers a route to market to help them keep their businesses rolling since March 2020.

Having recently received 6 high quality cheeses to review, sourced from around the world by Bradburys Cheese Company, I send you nothing but positive vibes this week from my cheeseboard ‘high’ from Cheaze. Take a peek at what you can get…

Easy Cheazy Picnic Box:

Cheaze’s Easy Cheazy Picnic features 9 delicious components to help you create the ultimate cheeseboard picnic platter:

  • Over 800g of cheese with a variety of 6 cheeses including a delightful soft Goats cheese, a ChilliZola, Smelly Ha’peth, Red Fox Cheese & many more
  • 2 x Barbers Popped Cheddar Popcorn 
  • Tyrells Crisps 150g 
  • Grandma Wilds Oaty Biscuits (Black Pepper & Poppy Seeds)
  • £25 total.


Cheaze has recently launched the Cheaze Box Club offering Monthly, Bi -Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions which have been featured on BBC Good Food as one of the top 13 subscriptions to enjoy in 2021.   

Discount Codes:

  • INFLUENCER10 for 10% off
  • FIRSTBOX for 25% off Subscriptions.

So there you have it – the ultimate easy Picnic Platter with Cheaze’s Easy Cheazy Picnic Box!

What cheese box will you select this Summer?

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