La Tua Pasta

Pasta post alert!

La Tua Pasta’s family run business has been succeeding since 2006 and specialises in making authentic Italian pasta. The pasta company also supplies multiple restaurants across the UK and of course offers a delivery service.

Winning over 90 awards, including the prestigious Guild of Fine Food Awards, La Tua Pasta is a must-try for all the pasta fans out there. Their food can also be found in Borough Market so make sure to visit for tasting the most authentic Italian antipasti, fresh pasta, and delicious dolce that London has to offer!

The UK’s most awarded, handmade fresh & authentically Italian pasta.

The team at La Tua Pasta pride themselves on being a true pastificio, which means they make their pasta and fillings in their own kitchen from scratch. Each and every piece of Tortelloni is folded lovingly by hand which shows the care and commitment these guys bring to their quality ingredients.

Not only are the ingredients high quality including hand folded filled pasta, the dishes themselves are quick & easy to make, which I put to the test upon my review to trial out their Al Fresco Dining Box for 4.

As soon as I clocked fresh orecchiette was in this PR package, I knew I was in for a treat! (See more on my love for Orecchiette originating from Sugo Pasta days).

Discover the full list below from this Pasta Box to make your perfect at-home pasta lunch/dinner:

  • Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wedge
  • Dorset Rosette Salami
  • Cavatelli – Durum Wheat Pasta
  • Red Pesto (Frantoio Sant’Agata)
  • Superfresh Artisan Burrata (La Latteria) 
  • Orecchiette 
  • Pesto di Pistacchio – Pistachio Pesto 
  • Baci di Dama (D’Addezio).

La Tua Pasta’s pasta is very fresh and versatile, and only 3-4 minutes to cook.

For me, the pasta boxes are the way forward as your one-stop shop for authentic dining (at-home!) Fresh pasta, sauce, cheese, antipasti, and Italian desserts all in one box delivered to your door – what more could you want? A box for two, or family-sized both available. Oh, and there’s of course vegan options available so there’s a taster for everyone.

So get yourselves sampling out the pasta here at La Tua Pasta and make sure to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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