Since 1884, Bradburys Cheese has been sourcing the highest quality cheeses from around the world.

Like many other cheese mongers adapting their business model to incorporate a stronger online presence as a result of the pandemic, Bradburys launched Cheaze; a subscription box service and cheese box service offering cheesemakers a route to market to help them keep their businesses rolling.

Quite simply, Cheaze have a love for ALL things cheese amongst their selection boxes on offer, whether they are Artisanal, European, British, Cow’s Milk, Goat’s Milk or even Sheep’s Milk.

Three things you need to know about Cheaze Boxes:

  • Cheaze’s Cheese Boxes feature award winning cheeses from British and International cheese makers 
  • The Boxes and liners are curb side recyclable with thermal insulation which can be recycled 
  • The ice-packs are re-useable.

As a cheese fan myself, I was in my element when receiving the latest PR package of Cheaze’s Easy Cheazy Picnic Box.

As part of the Picnic Box, I received a selection of accompanying Oaty Biscuits, Tyrrells crisps & popped cheddar popcorn – a real mini feast you can whip up in seconds!

  • Over 800g of cheese with a variety of 6 cheeses including a delightful soft Goats cheese 
  • 2 x Barbers Popped Cheddar Popcorn 
  • Tyrells Crisps 150g 
  • Grandma Wilds Oaty Biscuits.

The Smelly Ha’peth was one of my favourites in terms of the uniqueness of the texture (& the name!); I love a soft blue cheese so was intrigued by the slightly firm texture of this cheese which has a mildly nutty flavour. Combatted with the Oaty Biscuits and Cheddar Popcorn, I was in a cheese heaven.

Cheaze has also recently launched the Cheaze Box Club offering Monthly, Bi -Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions which have been featured on BBC Good Food as one of the top 13 subscriptions in 2021!

It’s also worth noting they offer Mainland UK Delivery, and their boxes are available to order via the Cheaze website here.

Sending positive vibes this week from my cheese board high! Enjoy the selection yourself with the below discount codes currently on offer:

  • INFLUENCER10 for 10% off
  • FIRSTBOX for 25% off subscriptions.

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