Firetree Chocolate

It’s all about Firetree Chocolate in the Moore household right now!

Review time with the latest discovery of a super premium bean-to-bar chocolate brand, Firetree Chocolate; crafted using single-estate cocoa sourced from volcanic islands.

The Background

Firetree Chocolate was founded by chocolate industry veterans David and Martyn, who appreciate that really good chocolate starts by building up a direct relationship with the farmer and their families, and finishes with an expert chocolate maker who understands that every single step of the process can shape the final mouth feel, aroma and taste of every bar.

To be able to achieve their award-winning rich volcanic chocolate taste, the business sources their own cocoa beans from small island farms and estates in the Pacific Ring of Fire and Madagascar. Firetree’s cocoa is rare, making up only 0.2% of the world’s cocoa beans grown today, creating such distinct and delicious flavours.

I was delighted to receive my very own Tasting Bar Gift Box, the ultimate Firetree tasting experience.

The new Firetree Collection contains seven of their single-estate 25g Tasting Bars in a stunning gift box. Ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa, grown in volcanic soil, the collection is a true exploration in taste, a beautiful gift, and a great way to taste the full Firetree range in small bar format.

I decided to put my baking skills to use and create some home baked cookies with Firetree Chocolate’s luxurious crafted cocoa, whilst breaking off a section to eat solo; simply delicious. These work well as a standalone bar and/or a more melt-in-the-mouth indulgent experience, I’d highly recommend baking in bulk here to prolong the Chocolate bar as much as possible!

The seven chocolate bars consisted of the following:

  • Madagascar Sambirano Valley
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Phillipines Mindanao Island
  • Solomon Islands Guadalcanal
  • Solomon Islands Maker Island
  • Vanuatu Malekula Island
  • Solomon Islands Guadalcanal.

Discover the premium bean-to-bar chocolate brand today to make your own batch and find out what your favourite flavour & cocoa % – the dream snack to enjoy with an espresso.

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