Hunter Gatherer

Veganism – let’s give it a go…

Admittedly I haven’t been to many vegan only restaurants and a New Year with clean starts all around has sparked my curiosity for 2022.

I seeked the opportunity upon my latest trip to Portsmouth – a city full of independent restaurants, cafes and boutique shops; spoiled for choice on vegan eateries, I couldn’t believe I’d never visited this place before! An absolute hidden gem.

Based on local recommendation, my friend & I settled with the Hunter Gatherer; serving speciality coffee in a 100% plant based kitchen, Hunter Gatherer is the perfect place to review an array of vegan food in a vibrant, quirky & bustling atmosphere.

Coffee wise, this place offers espresso on an Eagle One 2 group with Mythos II & EK43 grinders to produce the highest quality extraction; the SP9 Twin Tower brew bar serves V60 single origin beans sourced from the best roasters in the UK so I knew we’d be in for a treat here.

Hunter Gatherer offers an eclectic mix including various Aussie-style cafe dishes. Here’s a few of the key favourites I tried out and genuinely did not miss the meat element! Something I thought I’d never say…

  • Burrito served with black beans, rice, avo crema, mushrooms, cheese, pico de gallo, enchilada sauce.

Oh, and a Vegan roll with beetroot ketchup on the side just had to be tried – a very substantial lunch all round!

Impressed with the food, I have to mention the drinks as the real show stopper at Hunter Gatherer.

  • Hot Matcha with coconut milk
  • Immune Booster – carrot, orange, lemon, turmeric root, ginger
  • Blueberry/ Baobab – blueberries, banana, oat milk
  • Matcha Mango – mango, banana, spinach, coconut milk.

All in all, a positive Vegan experience I will most definitely be taking up more frequently – ensuring a healthy balance of plant based dishes in my day to day bites.

Comment below with your go-to vegan dish! At-home recipes to follow…

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