Anastasia’s Pantry

Start your day the granola way with Anastasia’s Pantry’s healthy vegan range!

I’m always on a mission for finding convenient, tasty & substantial snacks that are good for you and upon reviewing Anastasia Pantry’s granola range, this sure hit the brief. Whether you’re looking to break your fast or fuel up between work emails, I’ve discovered this granola range holds a super nutritious product identity and has helped encourage a more balanced lifestyle.

Established back in October 2020, Anastasia’s Pantry has continued to thrive from both the health conscious consumers but also those looking for simply tasty granola, that’s also vegan! Pictured below was my first sample trialled with passion fruit this Spring morning.

For breakfast, I’ve found the perfect Vegan Granola combination of the granola itself, coupled with a burst of fruity goodness from strawberries, blackberries, seeds and a light Green yoghurt.

Trialling out a couple of the key best sellers which cannot go a miss:

  • Magic Mediterranean Morning – this includes the tasty ingredient pairing of Orange & pistachio
  • Crispy Winter’s Morning was another favourite and lends itself to consumption all year round (despite the Seasonal name!) and includes both Almonds & raisins.

I prioritised using honest ingredients with no hidden nasties.

Head over to Anastasia Pantry’s website today to discover the right flavour for you! Getting ready for the Summer months in granola style…

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