Lovingly Artisan

Best Baker of the Year 2020! Who loves freshly baked bread? Lovingly Artisan has the bread business sliced, living up to its stylish sourdough selection and Marketing its core brand values as a specialist, independent family-run sourdough bakery. Using heritage grain and long natural fermentation, baker Aidan Monks creates beautiful, award winning bread as follows. Bread With Northern Soul. Also winners of the National Bakery … Continue reading Lovingly Artisan

Haughton Honey

Today we say hello to July with an introduction to my latest sweet discovery – it doesn’t get more local than the raw honey coming straight from the hive. As a Cheshire based family run business, Haughton Honey is a leading supplier across the UK of 100% pure English honey. Now let’s get sticky… I was delighted to be recommended by the owner himself to … Continue reading Haughton Honey

Fruits of the Forage

Today is all about an extremely sustainable preserves led brand with one of my favourite stories out of all the independent business discoveries to date – welcome to Fruits of the Forage;  a local family owned company ran by two brothers & their mother. Finding Flavours in the Wild. Founded in 2014, Fruits of the Forage preserve a taste of the British landscape. At the … Continue reading Fruits of the Forage

Fowlers Cheese Makers

Cheese fan? Thought so! You may want to stick with me through this post to find out all about my latest blog piece dedicated to a local cheese company, especially being one of my favourite categories and all… I am delighted to have received my first local selection of cheeses from the long-standing Cheese specialists in Solihull – introducing, Fowlers Cheese Makers. The oldest Cheese … Continue reading Fowlers Cheese Makers


Looking for a new & healthy, nutritious yet super scrummy granola snack? Good. Let me fill you in on my latest brand discovery as I am officially, all over, Rollagranola! I’m always on the look-out for a healthy breakfast/snack combo and was delighted to receive my latest blogger bundle from Rollagranola’s hand-picked range across 6 of their best-selling flavours: But first, here’s a little background … Continue reading Rollagranola

Williams Bakery: Handbaked Biscuits & Cakes

For all those who have a sweet tooth, I think you’re going to like my latest brand story on a local business specialising in proudly baked biscuits and cakes, situated in Lancashire. Established over TWENTY YEARS AGO, it’s time to take a read through today’s blog post and find out all about the tale of Williams Handbaked Biscuits and Cakes, with it’s legendary legacy and … Continue reading Williams Bakery: Handbaked Biscuits & Cakes

Rosebud Preserves

Happy Sunday to my lovely followers! Being blog day, I’ve been waiting all week to share my latest foodie discovery on THE BEST award-winning jams, marmalade’s, chutneys, preserves and pickles from a company which have been around since 1989. It’s crazy to think of all the independently owned businesses out there which have been plying their trade and honing their craft for as long as … Continue reading Rosebud Preserves

MacKenzies Farm Shop & Smokehouse

As a country girl at heart, growing up in the rural landscapes of Shropshire has really made me appreciate a good Farm Shop, filled with fresh produce and local ingredients. For all of you who follow me @EatOutMoore or have read one of my recent blog posts, you’ll see I’ve began working with local producers and food artisans across the UK to gain insight into … Continue reading MacKenzies Farm Shop & Smokehouse