Tuscan Treats

Want to hear about a little traditional Tuscan treat? I’ve been meaning to share my latest Italian dining experience from our recent adventure to the Tuscan countryside, but have been inclined to put my posts on hold given the unprecedented circumstances this 2020 has sprung upon us. I am now ready to share my story reflecting the unforgettable food adventure from an eatery which will … Continue reading Tuscan Treats

Getting Cosy In Copenhagen

Oh Copenhagen – with its wonderful cobbled winding streets, retro bicycles, scenic canal tours and of course, a whole lot of Nordic gastronomy! Notorious for its ‘hygge’ translating as ‘cosy’, Denmark’s capital was JUST the kind of thing I was longing for to enjoy on my annual European Autumn/Winter trip. Copenhagen is renowned for mastering modern Nordic Cuisine, hosting an array of high-end restaurants with … Continue reading Getting Cosy In Copenhagen

Catalonia Cuisine

Another year, another week long adventure for the annual family holiday with the parents, two brothers and our other halves! This September, we decided to book a cycling trip away with BSpoke Tours – where Mark from Cycle Catalan met us at Girona Airport and looked after us during our week long tour. As a family of foodies, the trip was certainly ‘bespoke’ and fully … Continue reading Catalonia Cuisine

Le Chien De Pavlov, Bordeaux

Where to eat in Bordeaux? A question I asked myself just before the recent weekend trip away with my two besties celebrating a 30th birthday milestone. After extensive restaurant research (standard), here’s a quick overview of my Top 3 food stops I can highly recommend after visiting in person, you know, before you read on to discover all about my suggested ultimate dining out experience … Continue reading Le Chien De Pavlov, Bordeaux

Best Of Bologna: Rich Ragu

Want to hear all about the best food in Bologna? This week’s blog will take you through a whole list of recommended local, authentic restaurants you MUST visit if ever in the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, as well as a guide to some of  Bologna’s specialty dishes and best kept secrets. All of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know … Continue reading Best Of Bologna: Rich Ragu

Tastes Of Toronto

A recent work trip to Toronto (my latest city fave within the picturesque country of Canada) spurred on today’s post for my new restaurant recommendations abroad on eatoutmoore.com. Travelling across to the province of Ontario got me thinking about the array of restaurants I could not wait to dive into; a girl’s gotta eat especially when it’s such a long journey for business 😉 From … Continue reading Tastes Of Toronto

Scooters & Skylines – Ho Chi Minh City

For all the foodies & travelers out there, I hope this blog piece will inspire you to pack your case and take an immediate trip to South East Asia to understand what true, authentic Vietnamese cooking is all about. Vietnam has been on the bucket list for afew years now so it was time to get a two week trip booked around the country with my other half. And … Continue reading Scooters & Skylines – Ho Chi Minh City

The Moores Tour The Azores 

Who’s heard of the Azores?! As a less known holiday makers’ destination, I’ve popped together a short foodie guide to the limited restaurants there are to offer on this unique and stunning island – a real must visit place I hope to see my followers look into on their next vacation away. A recent family trip took us to this incredible and unspoilt island (one … Continue reading The Moores Tour The Azores