Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet and Ginger Scones

Happy Halloween to all my foodie followers! Who’s spent the day baking at home for celebrating the ultimate cooking Tricks & Treats? Today’s recipe is all about the latest home made Ginger ‘Spooky’ Scones with Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet, promoting one of my favourite local suppliers’ with their Award Winning Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet, gifted … More Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet and Ginger Scones

Cherry Tree Preserves

Autumnal vibes are here and it’s time to reveal all about the phenomenal Award-winning deli company, Cherry Tree Preserves. Heroing the ultimate premium chutney preserves, this local business is Passionate About Taste and solely focuses on producing the finest Chutneys, Preserves, Marmalades and flavours to excite taste buds all around the UK. Running since 1997, … More Cherry Tree Preserves

Hay Charcuterie

Hello September – it’s time to welcome the gradual transition into Autumn months with my latest discovery on THE Artisan Producers of British Charcuterie; Hay Charcuterie. Hay Charcuterie is owned and run by Chef & Charcutier Rod Lewis & his wife Rachael. Rod’s inspiration as an accomplished Chef and trained Charcutier helped put the spotlight … More Hay Charcuterie

Hunter & Gather

As we all know, every decade brings new food trends, and 2020 has sure shaped the transition of leaning away from indulgence and into a more health focused movement in both the mind and body; improved gut health and higher nutrient-density being two key factors. With my recent interest in nutrient density, I thought it … More Hunter & Gather

Greka Foods

Today’s blog is all about Greka Foods – an authentic, artisan producer of real, hearty Greek produce which is based on the owner’s family recipes, honoring the healthy Greek Mediterranean diet. Greka was born out of our love for Greece: its land and its produce. Founded in 2016 by the lovely couple Ian and Sofia, … More Greka Foods

Tempo Tea Bar

If you haven’t yet joined the Bubble Tea craze, it’s time to get clued up now with Tempo Tea Bar’s tasty & fun Boba Tea selection. Read on to discover all about Scotland’s BEST Boba Tea shop; and as a half Scot, I can back that statement after kindly being gifted one of their best … More Tempo Tea Bar

Lovingly Artisan

Best Baker of the Year 2020! Who loves freshly baked bread? Lovingly Artisan has the bread business sliced, living up to its stylish sourdough selection and Marketing its core brand values as a specialist, independent family-run sourdough bakery. Using heritage grain and long natural fermentation, baker Aidan Monks creates beautiful, award winning bread as follows. … More Lovingly Artisan

Haughton Honey

Today we say hello to July with an introduction to my latest sweet discovery – it doesn’t get more local than the raw honey coming straight from the hive. As a Cheshire based family run business, Haughton Honey is a leading supplier across the UK of 100% pure English honey. Now let’s get sticky… I … More Haughton Honey