Hunter & Gather

As we all know, every decade brings new food trends, and 2020 has sure shaped the transition of leaning away from indulgence and into a more health focused movement in both the mind and body; improved gut health and higher nutrient-density being two key factors. With my recent interest in nutrient density, I thought it was a great time to partner up with an independent … Continue reading Hunter & Gather


Looking for a new & healthy, nutritious yet super scrummy granola snack? Good. Let me fill you in on my latest brand discovery as I am officially, all over, Rollagranola! I’m always on the look-out for a healthy breakfast/snack combo and was delighted to receive my latest blogger bundle from Rollagranola’s hand-picked range across 6 of their best-selling flavours: But first, here’s a little background … Continue reading Rollagranola

The Merlin in Alderley Edge

Well guys – we made it. It’s officially the end of January and time to tell who’s stuck to their New Year Resolutions from ‘Dry Jan’, to the famous Veganuary and all round healthy eating! As it’s the final day of the month, I’d like to update you all on my recent blogger invite to The Merlin‘s Wellness Event in Alderley Edge, which consisted of … Continue reading The Merlin in Alderley Edge